Yahoo7 is launching its new socially-driven lifestyle site Be next Tuesday (July 19). Former MKR contestants Ash Pollard and Scott Gooding, Gina Liano (Real Housewives of Melbourne) and 2DayFM presenter Maz Compton have been appointed as the site’s content ambassadors, and will create exclusive videos for the new site, each focusing on a category.
Ash: food
Maz: entertainment
Scott: fitness and health
Gina: fashion

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Seven West Media says it’s business as usual at Yahoo7, after US telco giant Verizon announced overnight it planned to buy Yahoo Inc for US$4.83 billion. Seven West says in a statement to the ASX it is considering all options.

Web story sees trial aborted by judge

A jury hearing a murder trial has been discharged after a judge found website Yahoo7 published a report of the case containing prejudicial material.

The Victorian Supreme Court judge yesterday called for Sydney-based journalist Krystal Johnson to appear before him to explain the report, saying in his view it likely represented a contempt of court.

Senior crown prosecutor Andrew Tinney SC agreed with the defence’s request for a fresh trial, saying problematic reporting would become more common as new media outlets emerged. “The people who know the rules are not necessarily going to be there any more,” he said.

Journalists reporting on trials being heard by juries are not permitted to include details that are not part of the evidence.

Yahoo7 journalist found guilty of contempt of court

Journalist Krystal Johnson and her employer, news website Yahoo7, have been found guilty of contempt of court, it can now be revealed, after publishing an online article that forced a Melbourne murder trial to be aborted.

Johnson this year bypassed sub-editors and published an article about Mataio Aleluia’s murder trial, but the report contained material that had not been put to the jury, which left Justice Lex Lasry no option than to abort the trial and order a retrial.

Aleluia was today found guilty of murdering his girlfriend, Brittany Harvie, which now allows media to publish details about Johnson’s case.

Her report revealed information about Ms Harvie that the first jury was not told about, which meant if the trial continued it ran the risk it would be unfair to Aleluia.

Johnson is due to return to court in January on the issues of penalties and costs.

Yahoo7 fined $300,000, journalist placed on good behaviour bond

Yahoo7 has been fined $300,000 and convicted of contempt of court for publishing an article that aborted a murder trial, with a judge saying that one of Australia’s biggest media companies put profits before professional journalism.

Its employee, Sydney journalist Krystal Johnson, who wrote the article, has escaped with a two year good behaviour bond, the Supreme Court in Melbourne heard on Friday.

Justice John Dixon last year found both Yahoo and Johnson in contempt of court, saying that the article was prejudicial.

The judge ordered on Friday that Yahoo7 be fined and convicted over it, saying it had “primary responsibility for the contempt”.

Yahoo7 also failed to ensure its systems for supervising journalists and controlling the publication of information “were sufficient to prevent prejudicial material from being aired,” he said.

Yahoo7 is having a facelift, starting with the finance portal from today.

Simon Black, Yahoo7’s head of news for Australia and New Zealand, has departed the company to join Greenpeace as a senior media campaigner. He will be replaced by Euan Black, who has been working at the Daily Mail Australia as an assistant editor for almost three years.

###Seven and AOL/Verizon to continue to invest in market-leading Yahoo7 joint venture

Seven West Media today confirmed amendments to its Yahoo7 joint venture agreement.
The agreement, which coincides with the completion of Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo, Inc. and the formation of Oath, will see Seven West Media and AOL/Verizon continue to invest in the market-leading Yahoo7 joint venture in Australia.
Both Seven West Media and AOL/Verizon will also explore broader opportunities that build on Oath’s consumer brands, original content, ad tech, proprietary data and potential acquisitions to further scale Yahoo7 in the region.
Under the new agreement, Seven will now launch and market its own long form catch-up TV service with TV content currently on PLUS7 and offer that exclusively through a separate, new and fully owned Seven platform within six months. The Yahoo7 JV will be tasked with exploring new opportunities with a broader content set including content from AOL/Verizon.
Kurt Burnette, Chief Revenue Officer for Seven West Media, said “Our JV partners own and operate one of the world’s largest digital advertising businesses and we look forward to driving home this leadership in local and global best content, technology and innovation.
“Australia’s number one television network will now be even more seamlessly connected and sold with the number one commercial catch up TV service delivering the most effective ‘total video’ results for advertisers. The Seven team will continue its selling across all screens as has been the case for sport, sponsorship and integration and that will now extend and apply to all long form Seven content online."

Note: Oath was formed by Verizon yesterday (June 13, US time) and will be the holding company of both AOL and Yahoo.

Yahoo7 chief revenue officer Paul Sigaloff has revealed the portal is relaunching all seven of its websites over the three months. It starts with Yahoo7 Be and will be followed by Yahoo7 News, Sport, Weather, TV Guide, Plus7 and Prime.

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Yahoo7 restructures to harness the power of world-leading Oath technology

Today Yahoo7 announces a decision to introduce changes to its operations. Following a strategic review with its shareholders Oath and Seven West Media (SWM), Yahoo7 needs to make changes to its structure that will carry the company into the future. Most significantly, Yahoo7 is planning on making greater use of the Oath technology capabilities.

Yahoo7 will continue to be a market-leading destination for over 9 million Australians across its premium consumer brands like Yahoo7 Be, 7News, Yahoo7 Finance, Mail and 7Sport. The local brands will remain unaffected by this shift in the back-end tech platforms.

Yahoo7’s mission is to be the Australian media leader in data, content and tech and this move will help them maintain that leadership in an increasingly competitive and challenging market.

Yahoo7 will benefit greatly from the significant global investment Oath makes in technology. This change would lead to a planned reduction in locally-produced bespoke platforms, and potentially across the associated teams. Smaller changes are also planned across the rest of the organisation.

Ed Harrison Yahoo7 CEO said “With the creation of Oath last year, we now have a shareholder with a portfolio of dozens of dynamic media and tech brands and a reach of 1 billion users. In a rapidly growing digital media environment, scale is a critical competitive advantage. Through Oath we have a unique opportunity to benefit from enormous scale.

“Yahoo7 will focus resources on local content creation and monetisation. Our editorial team will continue to deliver premium, unique and engaging content in the news, sport and lifestyle verticals. Our sales team will provide clients with access to our audiences via powerful global ad platforms such as Gemini and Brightroll. Of course, making changes is always difficult, especially involving our talented people, but ultimately this will ensure Yahoo7’s continuing success.”

The West Australian and PerthNow built their own websites in-house without any Yahoo/Verizon/Oath involvement, except for ad serving. I wonder why 7News hasn’t moved to that?

Mumbrella reports Yahoo7 will merge the roles of head of sport and head of news while most of its TV production team will be retrenched, with 1-2 staff redeployed to video production.

Yahoo7 has launched new parenting vertical BeParenting with Yoplait Petit Miam as inaugural partner.

Seven West Media will sell off their share of Yahoo7 to Oath.

Seven has begun moving its program sites from Yahoo7 to 7plus. As of today (Anzac Day), the sites of MKR, Home and Away and House Rules all have their web address with suffix.

Yahoo7 has dropped its online TV guide and is referring people to Freeview website. Silly move. Every other network has its own TV guide, so why shouldn’t Seven have one, on 7plus for example?

Why Seven has still not disposed of its 50% share of Yahoo7.

Yahoo7 has removed the 7 logo from its homepage

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