WIN Television

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WIN puts all their complaints about their watermarks into a great big circular filing cabinet. Otherwise known as a bin. :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty sure WIN’s bins are shaped as mappy.


Why Studio 10 and not any other program?


Because mappy is at it’s biggest only during Studio 10.


Maybe. But he did say there shouldn’t be one. Ten doesn’t have one either.


If Ten doesn’t have any watermark during Studio 10, it’s probably because having one on the screen is somewhat redundant when the Network Ten “10” is part of that program’s logo!


Exactly. 10 News First doesn’t have the regular 10 watermark for the same reason.


No Aussie network does, same with most internationally.


WIN can put whatever they want on screen during Studio 10 unless it breaches any agreement in place as part of affiliation. Surely WIN are allowed to have their own identity?


The Studio 10 “incorrect mappy” has covered up banners during in-game infomercials, and that’s when I noticed it. Around one point, I called WIN’s Illawarra office to remind them that. The voice was a bit muffled, but she could understand me.

As she said “Yep” after talking about the MediaHub people, I turned on the TV today excepting no watermark. But it was still there!


Anyways, here’s image proof of why I hate it:


I’m surprised WIN and Southern Cross Austereo haven’t blacklisted you yet with all these phone calls or called the AFP.


Do you seriously expect them to listen to whatever you want onscreen? They probably don’t care.


your so delusional if you think win will ever listen to you iam suprised ur not blacklisted yet but the way ur going u will be


WIN doesn’t really care about 10 All Access (seeing they don’t give a s**t about 10-branded promos airing more often than before on the multichannels), so what if they were to launch a WIN-branded variant specially for streaming Crawfords and WIN-produced (and possibly obscure 80s programs from pre-aggregation that Bruce Gordon is a “fan” of) programs (even those not on DVD)?


Why would they care about 10 All Access? They don’t benefit from the streaming service at all.

I don’t think WIN will ever be in a position, both in resources and content, to be able to launch a streaming service that wasn’t a massive failure.


WIN’s pay television venture was a spectacular failure, iirc. They have a poor track record.


SelecTV wasn’t help by Foxtel having exclusive rights to most of the premium content/channels though.


Yet Fetch does remarkably well…


Checked my PVR recordings from Christmas 2018 just for the production dates of the two WIN-produced programs:

Alive and Cooking Christmas Special was produced in… 2008 and included the old “ghost map” closer at the end. That closer…

The WIN Symphony Orchestra special on the other hand, was produced in 2017.