WIN Television

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Oh, how I wish I was in WIN territory on Christmas Day!


Some “fun for everyone” I’ll bet :wink::joy:


Appears to be four episodes over two hours, according to the EPG, Series 3 Ep 1-4.


Is this a joke?


I wonder why they bother to go to the trouble of changing nearly the entire day schedule on a day like Christmas!




It’s a WINdepdent Christmas Day, yay! It’s like Bruce’s present to himself.


All he needs is some vasoline and a box of tissues. :joy::joy::joy:


From what I can see it’s going to be exactly like this, and probably the same promo?


What’s with WIN having so many variations of their logo.

  1. WIN Australian Map
  2. WIN in the 10 circle
  3. Just the word WIN on its own
  4. Having WIN News still very much look and feel like Nine News apart from a yellow strip at times to reflect its 10 affiliation (mind you, the new 10 branding no longer features any yellow only blue most of the time).

Inconsistent branding is annoying and IMO unprofessional.

Not to mention the rounded font type should have been changed once the Nine affiliation wrapped up.


It’s owned by Bruce Gordon, enough said! :stuck_out_tongue:


you got bruce gordon to thank for that


It is all about creating confusion to the average viewer. Nine is a higher rating network and WIN is still trying to tap into that. The amount of people who continue to associate WIN with Nine is just staggering, and it continues to create headaches for nine’s regional sales and news teams 2.5 years after the swap.
And to Bruce’s credit, there is still a good turn over for WIN News at 6pm.


You mean there’s still a lot of people who think WIN is actually Channel Nine?


A LOT, especially with news.


OK. But without posting exact numbers, can you give us an idea about how WIN News (and WIN Television in general) has been rating this year if it’s not too much trouble? Is the Geoff Phillips factor still a draw-in for the Illawarra?

We’ve heard so much about TV ratings in the metropolitan markets this year, but next to nothing about regional Australia!


Because the TV industry thinks we all live in just two cities, bugger everyone and everywhere else.


yes. It pisses SCA’s sales staff off too, there are actually training sessions on how to deal with it!


no, it’s because RegionalTAM are a bunch of extremely difficult people to deal with, and won’t come to the party like OzTam did with select figures being made available.


The promo is airing now: