WIN Television

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Remembrance Day Ident:


Great initiative by WIN. Very thoughtfully produced.


That’s actually really good.

Having said that, WIN’s simple special event idents have form. Weren’t the Christmas ones okay (from memory)?


#thankyouforyourservice is a News Corp campaign where Virgin Australia learnt very quickly we’re not America.


This logo transparent watermark is reminiscent to the one in 2011 with WIN Network being affiliated with the Nine Network.


Interesting combo at McDonald Jones Stadium…


Bruce and Lincoln Idents:


Some recent WIN presentation


What, no mappy? :wink:


C’mon, you’re late. The mappy is still on the watermark.


Channel 54 is still Sky News on WIN.

Whilst you’d hope it is a temporary thing, it wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t.

Given that the Nine affiliates without 9Life were in breach of their Australian content obligations, perhaps this is WIN’s way of ensuring compliance? Since the “main” SNOW is broadcast on a separate licence (I.e. the WIN / Ten licence) this double dipping might actually be legal? Might be cheaper to become compliant by broadcasting a second identical stream of SNOW on different licences than paying fees to Nine for broadcasting 9Life? Certainly less effort needed than replaying Australian programs on 9Go or 9GEM?


I thought about that the other day. It would be a typical move by WIN to give Nine the shits in addition to meeting quotas.


I think @TV-ACT was being sarcastic.


You are right, I think. Broadcasting only Australian content 6:00am - Midnight on a multichannel it would only take the WIN Nine licences 17 days to make up the expected local content deficit, (I’m comparing it to last year).




Now that 10 Boss has changed its logo, how is the coverup handled by WIN on PRGs/watermarks? Is there a logo with “WIN Boss” in the circle?

Credit: WAtvPresentation


yes but its stays soild like in the start of that video


And I think the solid WIN BOSS logo is slightly larger than the 10 BOSS one.


Yes. (cap belongs to @Zampakid)


I get the feeling this isn’t the permanent new Boss logo…