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It’s interesting checking WIN’s TV Guide on their website.
9Go!, 9Gem and 9Life are all listed up until Wednesday.
Following the change, only WIN is listed, they don’t have any listings for 11 or ONE.


Ten deal opens board to Gordon
WIN chief executive Andrew Lancaster will be Mr Gordon’s nominee on the Ten board and is expected to be appointed as a director in coming months.

Industry sources believe Mr Gordon ultimately wants to fold WIN into Ten if the Coalition’s media reform bill is resurrected after Saturday’s election, as the ­regional TV market deteriorates. But Foxteland Telstra, holds 13.8 per cent of Ten and would not allow Mr ­Gordon to take control of the free-to-air network without a fight.

More from the same story talks about affiliate deal.
It is understood negotiations for the Mildura region are the most advanced and a deal is ­expected early this week.

Deals for the outstanding ­regions are expected to be ­announced sequentially throughout the week up until the June 30 deadline on Thursday.


From the AFR more about affiliate deals

it is understood that the sticking points remain price and the inclusion of clauses for streaming in the deals.

An agreement may be reached in the coming days.

WIN and Nine are also negotiating for large areas of SA, including Mount Gambier and the Riverland,

The current affiliate deals are due to swap over on Thursday night and all sides will be keen to wrap up the extra markets to avoid a blackout of Nine content in those areas.


If Win folded into Ten, surely it would keep its branding. Too strong to kill off, but I can’t see Foxtel selling it off, I could only see Gordon getting shares from elsewhere to gain majority control.

Given that WIN always like to have a little bit of difference in their schedule to the network they’re affiliated with, I thought I’d do up a quick comparison of the differences between WIN’s new lineup compared with TEN Metro.

TEN Metro
04.30: CBS This Morning
06.00: Entertainment Tonight
06.30: Everyday Health
07.00: Ben’s Menu
07.30: The Bold and the Beautiful
08.00: Family Feud
08.30: Studio 10

04.30: CBS This Morning
06.00: Family Feud
06.30: Everyday Health
07.00: WIN’s All Australian News
08.00: Entertainment Tonight
08.30: Studio 10

TEN Metro
17.00: Ten Eyewitness News
18.00: Family Feud
18.30: Primetime Programming
23.30: The Project Encore
00.30: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
01.30: Home Shopping

17.00: Ten Eyewitness News
18.00: WIN News
18.30: Primetime Programming
23.30: WIN’s All Australian News
00.30: The Project Encore
01.30: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
02.30: Home Shopping

TEN Metro
15.30: Everyday Gourmet with Justine Schofield
16.00: What’s Up Down Under
16.30: Places We Go with Jennifer Adams
17.00: Ten Eyewitness News

15.30: Fishing Australia
16.00: What’s Up Down Under
16.30: Love Shack
17.00: Ten Eyewitness News

TEN Metro
04.30: Religious Programming
08.00: Good Chef Bad Chef

04.30: To Be Advised
08.00: Good Chef Bad Chef


Thanks NQCQTV2. Is that for Eastern states only?

I mean… would WA do anything differently, such as show Studio 10 at 6:30am-9am (ie: Live) or WIN News staying at 7pm with the Project at 6pm (SA and WA)?

Or likely to be fully consistent?

I would probably go with the latter. WIN hasn’t aired a local bulletin in WA or SA for a few years now!

No WIN News bulletins in those states. I would imagine it’ll be the same as Ten’s evening lineup.

The schedule I posted is based on the schedule for the Eastern states (minus Tasmania), but it applies in all WIN areas, as WINs schedule is consistent across Australia.

The only regional differences, are SA and WA (as well as Mildura, VIC and Mackay, QLD) where WIN News don’t air a local bulletin. In those areas Family Feud airs at 6pm weeknights on WIN, as per TEN Metro.

There is also a difference in Tasmania, where the schedule for weeknights is:
17.00: Family Feud
17.30: WIN News
18.30: The Project.

WIN News also airs 17.30 - 18.00 in Tasmania on weekends, but the programming for the 17.00 timeslot has not yet been announced.

Looking at that schedule for WIN and thinking about the large amount of people who still don’t fully understand the affiliation changeover, I’d love to be a fly on the wall when people in the general population tune into WIN at 6:40am (for example) Friday to watch Today and find Everyday Health airing.


Studio 10 Promo


Noticed on WIN this morning they aired the coming up at 11:30am National News update with Amelia Adams with no WIN cover-ups here in QLD.
Even though QLD receives a local Morning News bulletin with Eva Milec.

Updated WIN HD logo


There’s a sight bit of Ten HD-esque design in the “WIN” wording, isn’t there? Very technical, I know…

Although TBH, I would’ve preferred WIN to ditch the “2006 Nine-style” wording myself.


that logo is sexy.


Family Feud at 6.00pm instead of WIN News in Regional SA from this Friday.

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But that would be because WIN axed their SA news a while ago, so Family Feud isn’t replacing WIN News.

That’s correct.
WIN axed the local news service in SA back in February 2013 & I haven’t missed it since.

That logo looks great, pity that only 5% of the programming will actually be in actual HD come Friday.

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IIRC, WIN decided to be difficult and went with Arial Rounded in 2006 rather than using the same font as NBN. So it’s not really “Nine style” :stuck_out_tongue:

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