WIN News On-Air Presentation: 2016-current

Since July, WIN News has only partially refreshed it’s On-Air Presentation to match the news service of it’s new affiliate. Many “Nine-era” elements such as titlecards, Weather graphics, the “sets” and theme music remain unchanged.

These caps are from the Illawarra bulletin (taken from WIN South Coast this time), but the On-Air Presentation of WIN News is generally consistent (arguably, consistently inconsistent!) across all bulletins.


Thanks to a glitch, a couple of supers without the “coverup”:

Full Screen Graphics:

“Open Mic” Segment (I think this one might be something done every Friday?) Graphics:

Promotional Graphics:

I think that’s just about everything I managed to cap while down South in Late October, although I’ll do an update if I find anything I’ve missed. As usual, feedback and additional caps are welcome! :slight_smile:

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