WIN News On-Air Presentation: 2012-16


WIN News’ current On-Air Presentation is very much inspired by Nine News’ 2012 On-Air Presentation package. From memory, most of the current graphics were gradually rolled out across 2012 although the set/chroma key backdrop wasn’t updated until 2014.

The current On-Air Presentation is generally consistent across all bulletins, although these captures are from the Illawarra version which I managed to record while in the licence area back in the heat of Early March.




Some more Supers, Full Screen Graphics & Closer:

News Update Graphics:

In-Program Promotional Graphics:

WIN News coverups of watermarks on Nine News bulletins:

Of course, this is my first go at a Media Vault thread under the new system so feedback (and additional captures) is most welcome! :slight_smile:


Albury title card


Another version of the Illawarra titlecard:

I’m currently working on a section of submissions for the updated/post-affiliation switch On-Air Presentation elements of WIN News (and later, another for WIN’s general channel On-Air Presentation in life with Ten) so keep an eye out for that! :slight_smile: