Who Am I?

So basically this was a thread back in the previous forum. The one who guesses the correct answer gets to choose the next Who Am I? You post clues as often as you can and until the person is guessed.

No using goggle or any search engine to help answer.

I will start.

I am a comedian who started their career off as a presenter.

Jane Kennedy.

I was born in England


I have had acting roles and am an author.

If I’m not mistaken, Jimeoin actually moved here from Ireland.

You’re not mistaken but I remember this being a trick answer on a quiz once. Maybe a radio quiz or a panel show on telly? He was born in the UK to Irish parents. I just looked it up and it was Warwickshire and they then moved to Northern Ireland, where he was raised. Anyway, it’s not him obviously.

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I’ve starred in a movie with kristen bell

Tony Abbott

Russell Brand

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Got it

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