What are other members main employment?

I’ll start .As I’ve only ever worked in manufacturing so nothing really exciting for me.I’ve worked at my current place of employment for 26 years this year.Many major Australian manufacturers have moved offshore in the last 20-25 years and I’m so lucky that where I work has not done this yet.or will in the near future (I hope)The company is over 40 years old now ,has always been based in Salisbury,Brisbane.Started off with a few employees to more than a thousand with offices overseas.We export to Europe,North America,China,Russia .We have 3 other sites in Brisbane also, we manufacture auto accessories,ie:headlight,bonnet protectors,weather shields,those large acrylic covers for a Ute or truck,acrylic display stands you see in stores,More than half of the staff even those on the factory floor have worked for the company more than 10 years.


Telecommunications management. Sadly, jobs are continuously being offshored in this industry too.


Hope you never get shoved offshore mate :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m a full time aglet fitter.


Full time software developer :slight_smile:

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I was a healthcare professional for over 25 years, but in recent years when my own health declined I became the patient needing the community services that I once provided for my clients.

im a volunteer at a local community radio station


I’m a sugarboy


If you are a telecommunications management, what are the tasks and duties?

I run a small website, you might have heard of it


Full time taxi driver.

I work part-time at Gravity Zone in Seaford. Close to three years now.

Commonwealth biosecurity officer, previously 22 years in hospitality management across sport and recreation, local government, transport and stadiums.

I manage staff who are involved in activation, assurance and project management of a number of niche telecommunication products.

My work involves writing work instructions and procedures for staff to follow. Then monitoring work and updating documentation as technology changes.

University student

Obviously why you are so anal about grammar :wink:

I do love grammar. :rofl:

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Regional Administrator (Perth and Adelaide) for a financial services business.
aka the guy that gets all the odd jobs / queries handballed to him because apart from sales managers, everyone else that can help front-line staff is in Sydney, Mumbai or the UK :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bush broadcaster & thankfully still living my dream. Outside that, family man who loves his cricket & a good steak. So just like my radio program I keep it simple stupid :blush:

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Me too. Before redundancy :worried:

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