Wake Up (Defunct) November 2013- May 2014


Ten’s new breakfast, Wake Up, headed by breakfast television juggernaut Adam Boland began its broadcast on November 4 , 2013. Similarly to its predecessor Breakfast, the program was promised a few years to succeed ( Breakfast 10 years, and Wake Up more realistically 2 years) but unfortunately both programs were axed within 9 months and 7 months respectively. Despite all the hype, unfortunately Wake Up disappointed many, including us here on MS, from day dot before finally the network swung the axe in May 2015. It promised big but delivered very little.


The opener was probably the most consistent face in the life of Wake Up with the title sequence and headline package remaining throughout its broadcast.


One of the main drawcards to Wake Up was its beautiful location, Manly Beach. The set revolved around the beach backdrop of the surf club studio with a few beachy elements to tie it together. Ironically, day 1 began with the hosts presenting live outdoors followed by a casual walk-in by a producer with a surf board.