Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST)

Now we have SBN via VAST!


Phwoar my Friday nights just got a whole lot more exciting now!


I don’t have a set-top box handy to check LCNs right now, but it looks like the following channels have been added:

  • GOD TV
  • TBN Pacific
  • TBN Inspire
  • SBN TV
  • Angel TV
  • Hope Channel
  • ADTV

Praise the Lord!

I’ll sleep soundly tonight


I wonder if there was some divine intervention at play here?

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Riveting viewing I’m sure :ok_hand:

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LCNs as follows:

  • GOD TV - 101 & 677
  • TBN Pacific - 104 & 624
  • TBN Inspire - 105 & 625
  • SBN TV - 106 & 616
  • Angel TV - 107 & 617
  • Hope Channel - 110 & 610
  • ADTV - 111 & 611

Thanks @hopejr

Did they change 3ABN’s LCN to be in the same range?

No. 3ABN is not part of the aggregation, so is only on 603, where it’s been from the start.

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Yeah I know. I just thought they’d take the opportunity to simulcast all the Christian channels in the 100’s

Also, do you know if these are the only ones to migrate over? Thought there were a lot more on D2.

The 100 range is only for the aggregated channels coming through on the Instal-life mux. 3ABN already had established equipment there and didn’t join the aggregation.

Those are the only channels moving to VAST. Others are either going to IS-19 (EWTN and Daystar) or ditching satellite (GOOD. and Kingdom Sat).

A lot of people that had Optus D2 are signing up for VAST now to get these channels, even those in metro areas. This is possible because one only needs ABC & SBS registration to get them, which is available to all locations. Unfortunately, there are two websites to register on. There’s for commercial only, and for ABC, SBS, and narrowcasters. People are getting knocked back because they keep going to the wrong website, even installers.


There should have been a coordinated effort with a dedicated portal or even a tile on with clear instructions. Missed opportunity there.

Sounds like there could be a small but significant market for a VAST box with integrated IPTV built in.

Totally agree.

I believe such a box is in the works.

Jesus, what a thrilling selection of channels.


So currently we have religious channels on D2,IS19 and now D3.
Can swing your dish in any direction and pick up your goe bothering content, bit like the narrowcast frequencies :roll_eyes: