Video making (simple)

Whats an easy way to make videos for youtube and making simple but easy graphics

I’m a Mac user, so the most simple way to edit youtube videos would be to use iMovie. iMovie has some simple graphics to play around with. If you want to make your own simple graphics you can learn the basics of Photoshop (which you’ll need to purchase) to make some lower thirds:

Not sure if this is the right section but I really would appreciate your help ASAP. I have recorded a video on Microsoft OneNote using the web cam on my laptop. I want to edit the video but I am unable to because the video was saved as a 'all files" type instead of WMV (or something) what it has to be to edit in the programs. How can I convert this so I can upload it? I really don’t want to do the whole thing again…

that isn’t a file format

i am guessing to export the file, you should right click the video in One Note, then from the menu select Save As, then the file type and location you want - what file types show up when you do this?


Thanks so much mate, really appreciate your prompt response. After I upgraded to the latest Microsoft I re-did it , so saving it by right clicking and pressing save as. In the upgraded version, it has two options one is the all files and the other is just blank. I clicked on the blank and saved it again and it seems to have worked. Once again thanks so very much. :smile:

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You can also use GIMP that is free.

Here are a few of my mocks made through I Movie: , , &