Victoria bushfires 2019 - coverage discussion

Discuss Media coverage of the 2019 Victoria Bushfires

So we really need a new thread at this stage?

Jon Faine broadcasting emergency coverage on ABC Radio Melbourne this afternoon. Rafael Epstein is to take over coverage later.

Very rare to see fires of this scale in March. 5 houses now destroyed and it’s moving towards a highly populated area.


The Princes Freeway is now completely closed.

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ABV2 taking live emergency press conference from ABC News Channel.

There’s always a midday bulletin on ABC.

Had no idea.


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I’m unconvinced we need a thread but for the sake of tidiness, this is reopened. Please only post coverage details here and not road closures etc. There’s probably (definitely) a better place for that than MediaSpy.

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The ABC now has two TV reporters on the ground.

Peter Mitchell presented an extended news break at 3pm.


ABC Melbourne and Victoria running local radio news bulletins this afternoon.

Raf Epstein taking over from Faine to continue rolling coverage.


How long was it?

about 3 mins

Decent, no harm in having longer breaks in programming not surrounded by news. I liked the extended news updates they had during the test matches too.