VIC Television: T Boy's Mock TV Network

VIC Television: T Boy’s Mock TV Network

VIC Television is an Australian television station broadcasting in regional Victoria in Australia. The network was previously owned by ENT Ltd., before being purchased by Dunes Productions, Inc. (previously known as Poison Productions)

VICTV Television Victoria began as a network of several stations serving northern and western Victoria:

  • GMV-6 Shepparton (launched on 23 December 1961)
  • BTV-6 Ballarat (launched on 27 April 1962)
  • STV-8 Mildura (launched on 27 November 1965).

VIC Television currently holds a five-year affiliation agreement with metropolitan broadcaster Network 10. They will be returning to the Nine Network from 1 July 2021.

VIC Television’s news service, called VIC News, broadcasts three bulletins for Western Victoria, Eastern Victoria, and Central Victoria.

You can request some mocks that I should make here with VIC Television.


Could you make it straight? Or even?

Nice idea btw.

Very nice.


Who will anchor the bulletins?

@PaddyTePou, unless @TBoy has talked to you, can you let them run their station, not turn this into another one of yours?

(If you guys have talked, then by all means go ahead).

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Watermark mock:


What’s the thought process behind the fragmented “I” in the logo?

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I don’t know. I just thought it would look good.

Your logo as a whole looks good, but the “I” gets a bit lost. I wasn’t quite sure what it was meant to be, it almost looks like you’re separating the V and C with a vertical bar (“V | C” instead of “VIC”).

One suggestion, fill in the “I” but make it lowercase as a callback to the original VIC TV logo!


Channel listings:

8 - VIC (Location)
80 - VIC HD (Location)
84 - TVSN

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VIC Television Weather Warning (aired 9/6/2021, SD sorry)


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Way too long and way too fast.
It was hard to keep up with that speed. It should be about half that.

There’s also far too much content - over two minutes worth, and being in a ticker there’s no coming back if you lose your place or tune in after it’s begun. A ticker is better suited to a short sharp update. If something of that length in required then it really should interrupt programming and be voiced as well.

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