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Post all Vault related stuff in here (ie: updates, inquires, feedback etc).

For those who don’t know, The Vault is back up and running.

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Good to see the Vault back up and running! Was hoping we hadn’t lost the whole lot with the move.

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The Vault was seperate to the forums but they both competed for the same resources. Discourse uses a different form of database which means it and the Vault should coexist much better than the old forum did.


Let’s hope so! Thanks for that by the way. :wink:

Some changes required in the presenters section:

Weekend Today

  • Deb Knight will be going on maternity leave soon
    Queensland Local Morning News
    Tom Mitchell or Sam Squires present sport for both morning and afternoon news
    Queensland Local Afternoon News
    Garry Youngberry presents the weather
    Adelaide Local Afternoon News
    Warren Tredrea does sport
    6PM QLD News
    Alison Ariotti is on maternity leave, Sophie Walsh is co-anchoring and Luke Bradham is doing weather
    Gold Coast News
    Dominique Loudon presents sport. Courtney Pattinson is on maternity leave so Libby Stone is doing the weather.
    Jessica Braithwaite is beginning to presenting the weather in January doing the week in January.

QLD Local Afternoon News
Giaan Rooney presents sport on Thursday and Fridays
5PM News
Matt Carmichael is currently presenting sport but when Ryan returns I am sure he will present.

The Project
Gorgi Coghlan and Anthony Lehmann join Waleed every Friday.

I’ve been getting a “ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED” when trying to access the vault since yesterday.

Looking into it. We’ll let you know once it’s sorted.

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With Sunrise, Seven News relaunching tomorrow and then Nine programs the following week, I advise that the Vault is fixed rather soon. It will put a lot of pressure on member like @Abesty who will have to catch-up.

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Yes sir, right away sir.


Any word on the Vault?


An idea for the vault. Could the vault become a seperate category on the new forums, with locked threads updated by specific users? Treat the first post as the actual article.

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But with all the old stuff posted - it would need to be started from scratch. Hopefully all the previous images can be dug up


A good idea is using google cache or archive of the web so you can see the forum at least some stage.

Is there a link to the archive of the vault?

I tried using the way back machine but it wouldn’t load everything


Unfortunately if it hasn’t been snapshotted it won’t exist.

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Ryan, Pandora hasn’t archived the majority of the media vault pages.

So is anything actually going on behind the scenes to get the vault working again? Has the issue been identified at all?

I know everyone is busy with other things but some kind of timeframe for sorting it out would be nice…