[V] (formerly [V] HITS)

###[V] Island Parties

Saturday 20 February at 5pm AEDT

The [V] Island Parties are back for 2016 and what better way to celebrate than with Sydney rockers DMA’s who played an exclusive gig last night for fans on Sydney Harbour. DMA’s partied hard playing their hit tracks including singles “Delete”, “Lay Down” and “Laced” plus many more in anticipation of their debut album release ‘Hill’s End’ available later this month.

Watch [V] ISLAND PARTIES: DMA’s exclusive performance on Saturday February 20 at 5pm on Channel [V] and vmusic.com.au.

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Osher Günsberg
Channel V is closing on Friday. Must have been a tough call to make for MGMT. 20yrs of cutting edge TV, sad to see it go.

themusic.com.au is reporting that Foxtel’s Music Channels will be closing in coming days.

I wonder if the lack of I think it might be Universal’s music catalogue due to rights/money is part of the reasoning for the closure?

That’s a bit misleading. Only [V] is closing or supposedly “merging” with [V] Hits. Hopefully [V] Hits will be part of the Basic package, along with MAX, CMC and Smooth.

I was shocked when I read about the closure. Foxtel still has good relationships with other record companies, so I just wonder if it is trying to save money.
I found a more extensive article at pedestrian.tv which says that Channel V and V Hits will be merged into V Hits from this Saturday and will be a 24-hour video only channel. It also includes an email from Foxtel senior management.

I used to watch alot of Channel [V] about 15 years ago up to about 6 years ago. Now all I watch is MAX, MTV Music and [V] HITS, Channel [V] just showed music I wasn’t really into (maybe I am just getting too old). Maybe they should’ve got rid of [V] Hits and Channel [V] go back to music videos only so the name stays.

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V Hits has always been superior to Channel V IMO


Bring back [V]²!

Foxtel executive director of television Brian Walsh has blamed steady decline in viewership for the closure of Channel V.

Unfortunately it sure looks like they are though. They’ve really stuffed this up badly.

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I think the quality of stuff on Channel V has gone down recently and it lacked direction. I did like some of the random shows on there, recently they had a show called B430 which was a younger/hipster skewed travel show that I really enjoyed. I notice they are now repeating them on Fox8 though. Apart from that I havn’t found much worth watching on there. The channel definitely seemed to have a lot more relevance 10 years ago. I would definitely flick on V Hits more than V.

It really was a part of the zeitgeist back in the late 90s early 00s with What U Want and the live telecasts from Fox studios in Bent St. Live shows with big crowds and massive musical guests. Room 208…that bizarre Saturday night program where people rocked up to the studios to dance was certainly interesting.

Jabba, Yumi, Andrew G, Danny Kerley, James Matheison really made their name there.

The channel really went to hell when it tried to become MTV lite.

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Yes defintely that was when V was in their element and kept me as a (then) 13yo watching.

I don’t know about you guys but I really enjoyed Club [V] more than any of the [V] channels. I wish it stuck around.

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Looks like Foo Fighters: Live On Sydney Harbour will be the last program on Channel [V]. After that it takes the same programming as [V] HITS.

Will [V] Hits take the channel 801position?

Yeah, Club V was pretty good.

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So far Channel V (801) and V Hits (803) are showing the exact same thing. Only difference is Channel [V] still has the graphics and watermark while [V] Hits has no graphics and is watermark free. Going by the EPG, channel 803 will be 2 hours behind channel 801 starting from 6am EDT.

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