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Contacts hadn’t be signed for season 11 but the option was always open for it. Looks like a deal has been made to get all cast members to return for one last season.

Despite it’s waning popularity, the show is still ABC’s #1 comedy and the network has been completely unable to launch a hit new show off the back of it. So they’re vulnerable and need more episodes.


CBS has renewed Mom for two more seasons.


Australia’s Kodi Smit-McPhee will star in new drama Interrogation for CBS All Access.


The CBS intro for the newest professional gridiron league, the Alliance of American Football.

CBS FTA aired all the Week 1 games.
From Week 2 onwards, CBS Sports Network airs a Sunday game of the week.
NFL Network and TNT air the remaining 3 games.
CBS will carry the grand final nationally on FTA.

Seems like it is an all-CBS production with CBS Sports graphics used on NFL Network and TNT.

The AAF game is faster pace with less TV ads than its NFL counterpart.



Hate it when people waste limited police resources. Wish people weren’t so self-centred. :rage:


It an allegation don’t send out the pitchforks yet.


There were things about this that didn’t end up from beginning but that being said I want to see how this plays out. He could be dealing with some mental health issues as well I’m not going to judge him personally but rather just see where this ends up.

Fox and Enpire have said to be standing by him for what I saw of the report inn CBS 2 LA.



Very weird to see a soap opera devote an entire episode to one character, even stranger to see that character’s development played out in flashbacks across 40 years by the same actress.

The Young and the Restless celebrated Melody Thomas Scott’s 40th anniversary with the show by having her character pen a letter in her jail cell to her grandchildren reflecting on her life and loves.

Great to see so many clips from the show’s history making it to air. Some of them wouldn’t have been seen since they first aired. They did miss my favourite moment in the character’s story- Nikki finding she had gone into remission only to return to the ranch to share the good news and find Victor in the arms of Ashley Abbott.


Jussie Smollett has been dropped from the final two episodes in the current season of Empire. It resumes in the US on March 13 after the winter break.


I don’t get it why not just drop him altogether . Seems just weird to drop scenes from the final two episodes .


Because they only had two episodes left to film. They may still sack him especially if his fellow cast mates don’t want to work with him. It’ll be interesting to see if that affects ratings though.



No surprise. I honestly don’t know how people can sit through three hours of procedurals set in the same city but they rate well over there.

I believe Ten should consider airing new NCIS franchise content back to back every Saturday from 7.30-10.30.


I honestly don’t know how people can sit through three hours of reality television in Australia but they rate well over here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


90210 event series with original stars and a new spin coming to Fox.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been renewed for a seventh season by NBC.