US Television


Elementary to end after the upcoming 7th season.


Samara Weaving asked to be released from SMILF after being asked to film a sex scene nude while shooting season two.



Some shows just get so much media coverage before they have even started filming.


The upcoming sixth season of Vikings will be the show’s last season. It will again be split into two parts with part 2 to air in 2020.




NBC has renewed Days of Our Lives for a record breaking 55th season.


Has any of this season aired on 7 yet?


Seven showed season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy last year.


Haven’t heard much about Justice Crew for a long time…until now.


Criminal Minds to end with season 15.


The final season of Criminal Minds will be pretty short too: only ten episodes.


It has had a remarkable run. This is a great read about its success for CBS and internationally. Take a look at some of the shows it held its own against.


What’s the show on Fox that has the masked celebrities who perform?


Utter rubbish? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The originally titled The Masked Singer.


Is it any good?


I made it through half the first episode. I got the feeling I was going to know very few of the “celebrities” behind the masks. Wasn’t even curious enough to fast forward to the end of ep 1 to see the first reveal.


It was popular based on the ratings though not so with critics with a Metacritic score of 43/100. Seemed to be very polarising with some excellent reviews but also being described as a leading candidate for the worst show of 2019.