US Television


Really interesting. CBS doesn’t really have anything in the dating genre I suppose and this is skewing really young for them.

I guess we’ll see it here on All Access (a reversal of sorts with Bachelor USA playing here on 9Now).


It will be interesting to see when they plan to air it. Will it be a summer show in 2019 or will they use it to fill holes around Christmas and New Year?


Replacement for Big Brother in summer?


I think they will keep Big Brother because it does well. Love Island could be a companion show perhaps.


So in other words you want them to make it dead boring like most of their shows. You will get your wish most likely as America loves its censorship.


A local revamp for Baltimore. I do like how they acknowledge their past with photos of old anchors on the wall. You don’t see a lot of that here.

Perhaps we’ll see a (eye)10 logo here one day?


I like the interview set with all the old memorabilia in the background.

Wouldn’t mind seeing something like that from Channel Nine when the move to North Sydney happens in 2020.


Funny how a local station set is better than network level here in Australia.


Could Jeopardy work down under again?


My daughter’s school has been playing Jeopardy at stage assemblies recently and the kids love it.


Small cities are as a big cities in Australia. And local affiliates run only a limited number of blocks of network programming.

The rest is either syndicated programming, local news/breakfast/chat shows, local sports teams, or advertorials. So they have much bigger revenues and budgets.



The Big Bang Theory to end after S12.


12 seasons too late Jesus Christ


Lip Sync Battle has been renewed for a fifth season, but it will only have 12 episodes, four less than season 4.

ABC has given the green light to a pilot reboot of classic sitcom Bewitched, which originally starred Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha and ran from 1964 to 1972. This time, Samantha will be a black woman.


Funny how the Yanks do local television better in general than Australia…

And speaking of…for anyone following the American Southern Cross Austereo, Sinclair Broadcast Group’s attempt to merge with Tribune Broadcasting - it’s off. Sinclair kept buggerising around trying to keep stations and circumvent ownership and control regulations, leading the FCC to refer it to a administrative tribunal. Tribune told them to f**k off.

A bit late but bugger it.


Everything to do with population and dollars.


Fox have used a Thursday night preseason NFL game to debut their Thursday night coverage (which starts in week 4 of the regular season simulcast on NFL Network with Minnesota @ LA Rams). Joe Buck and Troy Aikman in commentary. Michael Strahan, Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long in studio.

Hosted from a very bland New York studio (in comparison to the expansive LA Fox NFL set) so that Michael Strahan can continue to host Good Morning America on ABC on weekdays.


Former NCIS co-stars Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo are are reuniting to executive produce a cop drama series currently in development at CBS, called MIA.


NBC has ordered a new 13-part series Law & Order: Hate Crimes.

Nine will probably get the rights to this one, like the previous spin-off Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders.