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Earlier this year, Firetorch said that Russian trolls had no impact on the US election. Is he willing to say the same thing now?


Does firetorch still exist? Haven’t seen him in ages


Torchy has come and gone for years.


Isn’t Twitter the preferred home for flaming activity anyway?


I do hope that the FCC doesn’t repeal net neutrality. I don’t want people to have to pay for certain websites and have other websites in the “slow lane”.


Interesting (for some) piece about how “For late-night hosts, being sharply critical of President Trump is a winning strategy.”

Stephen Colbert, who has made Mr. Trump a nightly target, assumed the top position in the ratings race in February and has only increased his lead since then.


If the stories going around on Twitter are true, another big network name will go soon over his antics on a show early last decade.


Keep in mind, this doesn’t affect Australians. It only affects ISPs in the United States.

Australia has never had net neutrality - hence those ‘unmetered’ sites hosted by ISPs and offers from ISPs and mobile operators for unmetered streaming of Netflix, ABC iView and Youtube.


Still, I know people in the USA and I want them to have net neutrality.


Unless Trump meant contact the Great Moscow Circus, Trump is gone. :smiley:


This should have been installed in the ghost train. Disney are seemingly not trying to grease Trump’s ego with a figure like this.


Apparently it was a tip off from Alexander Downer which helped trigger the US probe into hacking against the Clinton campaign :slight_smile: Who says we don’t punch above our weight?




If you compare Donald Trump’s media appearances from the 1980s to his current ones, it’s quite clear that he has lost a great deal of his cognitive abilities since then.



Clearly a slip of the tongue but seriously… the most critical sentence in his whole speech and he balls it up. The stable genius.

Here’s the full video

YouTube: Michael McIntee


Latest Chuck Lorre Productions vanity card from Young Sheldon :grinning:


Trump effectively threatening countries who receive aid from the USA that they had better vote that the USA, Canada and Mexico get the 2026 soccer world cup, or else.


What the fuck. The President of the United States bullying other countries for aid money in exchange for a few soccer matches?



I’m sure well known ethical organisation FIFA will stomp this out.