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Get Undressed With Kathryn Eisman.

A Brand-New Transformation Series, From Made Up Stories And Eden Gaha. Undressed. Coming Soon To 10.

Coming Soon To 10.

“If we change our clothing, can we change our lives?” That is the question posed by 10’s startling new transformation series, Undressed .

Produced by Made Up Stories, the powerhouse team behind Nine Perfect Strangers and Pieces of Her in the company’s first foray into unscripted television, and acclaimed international reality producer Eden Gaha, Undressed takes a group of Australians on a life-changing journey, exploring what drives their clothing choices and challenging them to make new choices that will create the lives they desire.

Hosted by Kathryn Eisman, an award-winning journalist, author and ‘fashion decoder’ with a remarkable ability to see deep inside a person’s hopes, dreams and fears just by looking at their outfit, this ground-breaking social experiment reveals how we judge each other and the profound changes that come with transformation, while examining if it’s truly possible to dress for success.

Kathryn Eisman said: “First impressions count and are formed in less than one tenth of a second, so our clothing choices say far more about our identity, our dreams and our fears than we dare imagine. Undressed is the culmination of my 20-year obsession with uncovering the truth about what our style reveals about us.

“I am thrilled to be working with this team of talented storytellers from the scripted and non-scripted worlds, to take viewers on a beautiful, intimate and surprising journey that asks, “What do my clothes really say about me?”

Undressed is executive produced by Bruna Papandrea, Steve Hutensky and Jane Cho for Made Up Stories, Eden Gaha for Mother Media Group and Kathryn Eisman; and directed by Marcelle Lunam.

Papandrea, Hutensky, Cho and Gaha said: “We’re thrilled to be launching Made Up Stories’ first unscripted series together, alongside Kathryn Eisman and Network 10. Undressed is a prestige series that will dig deep into the language and psychology of our clothing choices in a cinematic, character-driven and intimate style, bringing everything we love about scripted drama to the real world.”

Sarah Thornton, Head of Popular Factual, Network 10 said: “I love a good transformation and I’m so excited to be working on this brand new format that takes such a contemporary approach to the genre. I remember reading Kathryn’s books when I was at Uni - her talent is unique and genuinely powerful. I’m grateful for the opportunity to create something truly innovative with such a creative and talented production team. I can’t wait for viewers to be moved and ultimately uplifted by the remarkable stories of the everyday Aussies who are participating. And perhaps change all our views on clothes and the power of getting dressed.”

Undressed is a Made Up Stories and Mother Media Group production for Network 10.

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Not to be confused with

First Look At Undressed.

Now exclusive to Paramount +

Undressed. Exclusive To Paramount+. Streaming From Thursday, 6 October.

First impressions count. but what drives our fashion choices? Are we choosing clothing that truly reflects ourselves? Can we create the lives we really want, just by what we wear? The answer lies in Paramount+’s new transformation series, Undressed.

Kathryn Eisman has a unique ability where she can tell everything about you just by what you are wearing. The award‑winning journalist, presenter, author, influencer and ‘fashion decoder’ is hoping that she can help transform a group of everyday Aussies.

By reading their clothes, Kathryn will unlock what is holding them back. But, breaking old habits can be hard. Can Kathryn change their clothes, and change their lives?

I wonder what lead to a change of mind to make it P+ exclusive? It’s not like 10 has a full schedule right to the end of official ratings at the end of November (as shown by repeats of The Dog House Australia currently on Wednesday nights).

Great news for FTA. Even more stuff that’s now locked away behind the paywall that was promised for the network.

Not sure if this is something people will flock to streaming services for. On the main channel it might gain some more traction comparatively speaking.

Kathryn Eisman penned an article for today’s Sunday Life magazine, explaining the philosophy of her new show Undressed.

When we ask ourselves, “Does this shirt reflect the best parts of me?” or “Do these mum jeans align with the hopes I have for my life, or are they simply a reaction to life?” we come closer to self-knowledge and can finally create the next chapter and take ownership of our own narrative.

That’s the bold social experiment undertaken in my new television show, Undressed. In the series, I meet people from all walks of life and do a “reading” of their clothes, telling them who I see. It’s confronting but also comforting, because it’s a chance for people to really be seen, often for the first time. And I do it by looking at the “clothing clues” they are wearing. We then invite people to articulate their vision for their life, and we set about transforming them from the outside in.

The first episode will be show on 10 on Thursday 6 October at 9:30 pm - similar strategy to The Bridge.

Ordinarily Gogglebox would be a pretty good lead-in, but will be interesting with the second outing of Love Boat earlier in the evening.

Can’t see the pull for this on streaming however, maybe it would work somewhere like Netflix, but seems like something a casual viewer would tune into on FTA.

Kathryn was on The Project this evening to talk about her show.