Underbelly: Vanishing Act


Underbelly returns to Channel 9 in 2022, based on the real-life mystery that captivated the nation. Underbelly: Vanishing Act tells the story of the bizarre disappearance of Melissa Caddick, the high-roller who allegedly embezzled over $40 million before vanishing into thin air. It’s a mystery that has left Caddick’s family, clients and the police questioning everything they thought they knew about her.

Underbelly: Vanishing Act stars Kate Atkinson ( Wentworth, Jack Irish, SeaChange ) as Melissa Caddick, alongside Colin Friels ( Water Rats, BlackJack, Mystery Road ), Tai Hara ( Madam Secretary, Home and Away, Hyde & Seek), Maya Stange ( Love Child , A Place to Call Home , Wolf Creek , Rake) , Ursula Mills ( Out of the Blue ), and Sophie Bloom (Love Child, Amazing Grace, Reef Break).

Produced by Matt Ford and Kerrie Mainwaring, written by Matt Ford and Michael Miller and directed by Geoff Bennett , Underbelly: Vanishing Act is produced by Screentime (a Banijay Group company).


Is it too soon to be making a show about Melissa Caddick?

Is this latest Underbelly going to be a series, or a telemovie?

But great to have Kate Atkinson in it. She was great in Wentworth. I like Colin Friels too.

Kate Atkinson switching roles from a prison guard to a criminal.

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Is the case even solved yet? Do we know if it was murder or suicide?

Also is this really underbelly? Where’s the sex, drugs and gun fights?

Governor you mean :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That was my first thought - bit tame for Underbelly

Maybe they are looking to make it less intense and more wide appealing? A bit of a reset of the franchise?

When you think of Underbelly, you think of tales from the underworld, from Razor, to Chopper, to the original series. The disappearance of Melissa Caddick will be the first storyline not related to the underworld.


Yeah agreed. The underbelly name clearly being used to draw eyeballs as it’s an established brand. If they named it something else I reckon it wouldn’t get the same attention.

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