Under Investigation

New episode Thursday 14 July

In the wake of this week’s Covid outbreak on the Coral Princess - an “Under Investigation” special report on the dark side of the cruise industry and whether passenger ships should be sailing again.

Update - now out of the schedule.

Why did Nine backflip on showing the episode?

More stories coming soon, according to a promo shown during The Block tonight.


A great promo! And good to see they’re going back to true crime mysteries.

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The new season starts Monday 26th September.

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Mind-blowing cold cases reopen when Under Investigation returns

Monday 26 September 8:45 PM

Australia’s living rooms will become investigative nerve centres as some of the nation’s most notorious cold cases are reopened in Under Investigation with Liz Hayes – returning Monday, September 26, at 8.45pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

Mystifying crimes that have baffled police for years are put under the microscope by Liz Hayes and her new teams of experts. Viewers will be there for every twist and turn as long-hidden evidence is uncovered and new witnesses speak.

As Hayes convenes her experts at the Under Investigation War Table the first of eight gripping case files is opened: the top cop whose knowledge may have killed him. South Australian Detective Inspector Geoff “Whit” Whitford allegedly took his life on a remote beach. But this celebrated officer and loving father seemingly had little reason to commit suicide. He was, however, the head of an ultra-secret task force and had uncovered evidence of high-level police corruption. With exclusive access to a secret police file and new evidence provided by Whit’s daughter and former police officer Amanda Schultz, Under Investigation reveals a compelling case for what might have been murder. The motive? Geoff Whitford knew too much. Calls are now being made in the South Australian parliament for an independent inquiry.

In the second major investigation, Hayes and her expert team examine the mysteries of Central Queensland’s dark and deadly Flinders Highway. There have been 11 unsolved deaths and disappearances along this 800km stretch of bitumen. One was 21-year-old Tony Jones, hitchhiking between Townsville and Mount Isa as part of his “trip of a lifetime”. After making a final call to his girlfriend, Tony vanished somewhere along the highway. Mark Jones, Tony’s brother, has waged a 40-year campaign to find the person he’s convinced killed his brother. He joins the Under Investigation War Table as Tony Jones’ final moments are revealed.

Under Investigation’s case files extend to Melbourne’s extraordinary “Slug Gate” saga, the health scandal that saw a $45 million family company destroyed; and Perth’s high-profile, politically supported religious group, The Esther Foundation, where instead of rehabilitation and treatment, residents allege they were exposed to abuse and terror. Esther received millions of dollars in public grants and support from former Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Under Investigation also conducts a major investigation into Sydney’s bloody gangland war where brawls, drive-by shootings, kidnappings and brazen assassinations are occurring in broad daylight.

Critically acclaimed investigative journalist and host Liz Hayes says: “Under Investigation continues to pique Australians’ curiosity for crime, but more importantly the program exposes new evidence and seeks to provide answers to unsolved crimes. Alongside the nation’s best criminal minds, it’s a privilege to be able to investigate so many new and old unsolved mysteries, and in particular give a voice to the loved ones of victims who need to be heard. Our aim is to leave no stone unturned.”

Mystifying cases are cracked in Under Investigation with Liz Hayes, returning Monday, September 26, at 8.45pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

The Cop Who Knew Too Much
Liz Hayes and Under Investigation’s formidable experts investigate the strange death of a top SA cop in 1981. Written off as suicide for decades, compelling new revelations point to a sinister plot to kill the decorated detective.

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Monday 10 October 8:40 PM

Gangs of Sydney

After over a dozen killings in 18 months, Sydney’s gangland wars are getting bloodier. Under Investigation pulls back the curtain on the city’s dark underbelly. The big players are unmasked, and the inner workings of the underworld, from top to bottom, are revealed.

Monday 17 October 8:40 PM

The Highway

Between 1970 and 2018, 11 people have vanished or been murdered along the Flinders Highway, including missing backpacker Tony Jones. Under Investigation pieces together his final hours, hearing from a witness who may know Tony’s killer.

Monday 24 October 8:50 PM

Dark Seas

Travellers onboard cruise ships have seen violent crime, pollution, and now a COVID crisis. As the industry resumes, Liz Hayes and a panel of world-class experts examine whether it has learnt from past lessons.

So that’s the episode which was held over from earlier this year.

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Monday 31 October 8:50 PM

Girls Gone
Nearly 50 years ago, 11-year-old Joanne Ratcliffe and 4-year-old Kirste Gordon were snatched from the Adelaide Oval. Under Investigation deploys groundbreaking new technology to help identify their kidnapper and reveal a shocking twist.

Bad Faith

Monday 7 November 9:10 PM

Under Investigation exposes the terrifying and absurd abuse faced by young, vulnerable women at the hands of the Esther Foundation, a Perth cult once backed by some of the most powerful leaders in the country.

Promo for tonight (October 31)

Slug Gate

Monday 14 November 8:45 PM

After government inspectors found a slug in a Melbourne catering company’s factory, a public health warning
erupted into a bitter brawl between a David and a Goliath. Liz Hayes and her team investigate allegations of
conspiracy, lies, and outright evidence-tampering.

This is the season final.

Ian Cook, the owner of I Cook Foods, the business at the centre of Slug Gate scandal, is suing the Greater Dandenong City Council and the Department of Health and Human Services for $50 million in damages in the Victorian Supreme Court. The civil trial is due to go ahead next year.

It will be interesting to see if the episode will air in Victoria as scheduled.

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As it’s a civil trial it has more of a chance.