TV Show titles

There has been discussion in the Hyde and Seek topic about the naming of TV shows and in that case having a “pun title”

I thought this might worth starting a topic discussion some other examples of funny or unusual titles.

I am going to start this off with the most inaccurately named TV show ever:

Finding Bigfoot - so increadibly badly named that it is now in Season 9 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The one that stands out in my mind is the British comedy series The Brittas Empire because as a kid I didn’t get that it was a pun on The British Empire.

I did get that Aussie comedy series Acropolis Now was a clever spin on Apocalypse Now.

Little Britain is the antonym of Great Britain.

“Willing and Abel” with Grant Dowell as Charles Willing and Shane Withington as Abel Moore. It gets better. Rebecca Rigg (Simon Baker’s wife) played a character called Angela Reddy. Reddy, Willing and Abel- geddit?

Nine thought they could parlay the popularity of the lead actors from their days on “A Country Practice” into a winner with this comedy/drama. The show was about as lame as the title.

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Think you’re getting your acronyms mixed up with your antonyms.

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:grinning: had to Google that one!

BTW - until it launched in AUS I thought that Gogglebox was Googlebox.


Channel Ten drama Above the Law was so called because most characters lived in an apartment complex which had a police station on the ground floor.

Packed to the Rafters with the packed Rafter family house is an obvious one that worked but Marshall Law with the Marshall sisters who practiced law did not.

Grey’s Anatomy is a clever play on the seminal human anatomy atlas Gray’s Anatomy

There’s Get Smart which works a couple of ways, as in become wiser or get the bloke called Smart. And even the name Maxwell Smart when it’s shortened to Max Smart.

Not sure about I Dream of Jeannie. I mean she was a Genie called Jeannie but I think the show title was based on a song from 1940 called “I Dream of Jeannie With the Light Brown Hair”.

Commitment Ceremony at First Sight - doesn’t quite sound as good as the current title but more accurate.

And the recent UK/US co-production You, Me and the Apocalypse was supposed to be called Apocalypse Slough, but clearly Sky couldn’t get that one past NBC. - new 3 part Comedy Central series with an interesting name :slightly_smiling:

Don’t you hate it when TV shows have titles that use US spelling. The latest I noticed is Travelers.

Another one that is currently still in repeats on 7Mate is The Neighbors.

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Groan :frowning:

Yes, 9Life have one at the moment with Mom in the title.

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