TV History


The National Film and Sound Archive were using digital Betacam up until about 2017 when they switched to XDCAM.


That would be correct for QTQ as well as I’ve seen a few bits and pieces over the years in widescreen from 2001/2002. The news opener was upgraded to widescreen in August 2000 for TCN & QTQ and no doubt the cameras were also upgraded at that same time to widescreen.


Here is a very interesting find. Searching the NFSA archives for 16:9 Nine News content from 2001 I found this:


This is incredibly promising. 42GB for 1 hour of footage is unbelievable. This either implies that the footage is native HD or is SD but the bitrate is much higher than that of DVB-T.

Having said that, there is no way that one can request access to items of the archive for personal reasons. Certainly not to obtain and upload to YouTube, lol.


Today, 1985, marked the re-branding of Network 0-28 to SBS, broadcasting in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. The network was anticipating future expansion to other cities and regional areas and would not necessarily be using the 0 or 28 channels in those regions. The change to SBS also marked the commencement of daytime programming which initially appeared between 11am and 2pm weekdays, and World News moving to the new timeslot of 7.00pm.

But here is a sample of some Network 0-28 program promos from 1984:

YouTube: Oz TV VHS Nostalgia (note: low audio in this clip)


Did he record this inside a helicopter?


Sky News Australia launched at 5pm on this day in 1996. Who would’ve thought Australia’s first 24 hour news and current affairs channel would eventually ditch news in prime time in favour of the right wing commentary that would see viewership numbers soar?


As the very first presenter to introduce a Sky News Australia bulletin/program, one wonders what Juanita Phillips would think of the service as it is now. Extremely thankful that she’s at the ABC, I suspect.


Wasn’t the ABC also looking at launching a news channel in the mid 90s?


Yes - I believe it was a JV between it, Fairfax and Cox Communications called Australian Information Media. They (pay TV providers at the time) went with Sky News as the cost was too high.


…and because it was a joint venture between Murdoch & Packer, who at the time had significant interests in Foxtel & Optus Vision respectively.


Correct, although the dominant TV partner in the JV was the ABC it was based at their Gore Hill studios and was to have been called TNC The News Channel.

The involvement of the ABC (along with Fairfax) also explains the determination of Murdoch and Packer to keep the channel off the air.

The JV played into their opponents hands by just assuming the channel would be a “must carry” for the new pay TV operators. They never bothered to secure carriage agreements before going into development. Oops.

Anyway, whilst all the corporate machinations were going on TNC was in rehearsal, amongst its launch presenters who never made it to air were Katrina Lee and Michael Holmes


When did Sky stop showing the ABC/CBS evening newscasts in the morning?


Some Perth and Regional WA TV goodness.


“Industrial Action”, a common occurrence at the ABC.


I’m guessing about three or four years ago now (maybe a bit longer)… they were initially moved to A-PAC or the Sky News Election channel and then dropped altogether after Sky relinquished the CBS rights.


That particular recording of ABC-TV during Industrial Action was probably from December 2000?

Someone else here probably knows what happened better than I do and might even be able to muster up a date for when The 7.30 Report (and presumably other programs) went off air, but wasn’t the ABC facing mass protests by staff over budget cuts and how then-Managing Director Johnathan Shier was running the national broadcaster around the end of 2000?

TBH, I’m somewhat surprised we haven’t seen more of it in recent years.


Who did the voiceovers for the Channel Nine Perth lineup in 2005? Bob Peters or Chris Brown.
And also do you have any sponsor billboards for Nine Perth in 2005? Does Perth have the same sponsor billboard style as Melbourne/Sydney?


Don’t think it was that long ago. More like 12 to 18 months.

They were never treated well though. Not airing half of the time due to local news priorities. Or just randomly dropped.


Some Ballarat TV Content:


TNC looked very impressive but can imagine the costs involved.