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Yes, it was Ten who used “Everybody Talks” by Neon Trees for their 2013 Launch Promo & On-Air Presentation Package which only lasted until about mid-year when the icy blue/white logo and a completely different graphics package was brought in.



The full episode of Studio 10’s “1st anniversary” broadcast. It’s interesting to watch this and note all of the changes that have occurred on the show over the years.


But a modified version of the branding was used for the new logo until the one you’re referring to started, and we’ll never forget about the SCA keeping this lineup style until the Turn on 10 branding.


I remember watching it as well. That was the time that they announced that Brian Naylor and his wife died



Some major hair and Jennifer Hansen:

Ten News Brisbane Promo


Channel Ten Content from 23/11/1997:


This logo was used by HSV-7 during its test phase. So this could’ve been the station’s first on-air logo, but not the first one used in print.



Going Home was mentioned in the other thread.

Great little show.


I remember watching that regularly. Was a good show. Still see a few of the people pop up in different ads and roles at times.


ACA promoting a Sale of the Century reunion tonight


I’d love to think this means a “Sale” return is being considered, but I don’t like my chances.


Found this on CLG Wiki:

Only if writers could do some for the other networks (the commercials DO have production closer pages, although Ten’s is incomplete)…


There were credible rumours floating around last year about the possibility of Ten picking up a revived Sale of the Century, but those didn’t go anywhere.

If the Sale of the Century/Temptation format were to ever return to Australian TV, I’d personally hope it would air on Nine.


I’d love a return of Temptation. That show was terrific!


Bring back Temptation as a lead-in to Hot Seat with the afternoon news starting at 3.30pm.


General “Sale” gameplay in 2001


I agree, it wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t on Nine, and I’d really want it to be at 7pm as well.

I couldn’t careless about “A Current Affair”.


That time in 2000 when it was retitled Sale of the NEW Century.