TV History


Dixie Marshall and Sonia Vinci are long gone, Dennis Cometti went to 7 in 2007 but retired in 2016 and Natalia Cooper is now weather girl on Today.

Only Michael Thomson remains at STW-9 in this promo in 2005


Sharlyn Sarac has also left Channel Nine Perth in 2010. I know that there have been a huge amount of changes that have happened over at Nine Perth with staff leaving and departing the network.


Did TVW7 at any point use the Circle 7 logo from the early seventies?


This is a original song recorded for Ten Capital News’ 1996 Xmas tape that’s literally about the news team.


Locally produced Southern Cross Ten idents from 2011:


I just uploaded this for Kerry O’Brien’s “return to Ten”


What’s the name of the song being used for the Southern Cross TEN seriously ident?


Wham Bam by Clooney…

I had no idea… so I shazamed it :sunglasses:


Channel Nine Perth “40 Years” PRG:


National Nine News Perth Update and Promo from 2005:




Does anyone have the Mel Waldren’s Final bulletin at HSV 7 in 1987 when he got sacked? I have been looking on youtube for not much luck


There is a 60 Minutes story on YouTube that covers the saga of Seven at that time and which includes part of Mal’s sign off

YouTube: oztvheritage


Have never watched that report before but very interesting! If only 60 Minutes did reporting like that now. Love that they were able to have access to Greg Pearce and David Johnston for that piece too, I can’t see that happening in this day and age.


10 years ago, 16 November 2008 a supercell storm hit The Gap in Brisbane.

Openers from the commercial news of the next day. A lot of faces still on air.


I was surprised that 7 allowed 60 Minutes access to interview newsreader Greg Pearce on set for a story that was not going to paint 7 in a positive light. Less surprised about David Johnston, he and Jana were old colleagues :wink:


Did Seven have anything to lose by allowing Pearce to appear on the top rating show in the country when the Seven Melbourne bulletin had next to no viewers at the time?


Fair point. The news ratings were already zero, the only way is up.

To Pearce’s credit the ratings did sneak up a bit towards the end of the year but still placed Seven in single figures, way behind 9 and 10 news. Wasn’t enough to save his job. Skase management decided it best to start over again and they had Jennifer Keyte ready to go


Thanks but watching that report was the reason why I was wondering if someone got the last episode from March 1987


I remember Jen as the solo presenter of Seven News Melbourne, while Peter Mitchell was weekend. If only when David Johnston came back they put him on weekends rather than in a duo with Jen. Maybe then she might’ve stayed in the weeknight role for longer and Seven might still have Jen with them today.


He likely wouldn’t have moved across unless he got weeknights.