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I remember one of the main reasons is the NSW Political news that airs during the 7pm news.

My understanding too is that Broken Hill (ex-ABLN2) has always been fed from ABC (ex-ABS2) Adelaide, though in light of the comment below, they may temporarily switch over to ABC NSW during state election campaigns (as ABC has done in Albury in the past, where it was usually fed from Melbourne but switches to a NSW feed during NSW state election campaigns)

Unless there has been a permanent switch for Broken Hill to receive ABC NSW but given its timezone and proximity to Adelaide and South Australia it makes better sense to keep it as ABC SA.

I just checked TV Guide for Broken Hill, looks there has been a switch ABC NSW, as 7:30 is airing at 7 PM.

Online guides can be misleading but an interesting observation if it has changed. Historically it was always a relay from Adelaide but maybe it has changed.

I’d suggest that given they direct viewers to ABC NSW in this outage message, that’s probably what they broadcast locally. Additionally the reception site shows that the DTV Channel 25 is ABC Sydney not ABC Adelaide as would be expected from an SA fed site.

The flipside is analogue radio is all SA based, so I suppose that’s the balance.

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More directly:

Broken Hill in New South Wales shares a time zone with South Australia but ordinarily receives the ABC’s New South Wales TV services. Given the time zone difference, some programs are broadcast outside their classification time zone.


I tried to transcribe the promo in question to the best of my ability since the video and audio quality of the clip you linked is rather low:

There’s a new star in town with the same big laughs, your favourite, brightest talent, stellar and spectacular sporting action and illuminating drama programs. Throughout your own neighbourhood and right along Australia’s east coast, entertainment’s new star continues to bring you all the fun, all the excitement, and all the drama. But only on Southern Cross Ten, the very best in entertainment.

Was CTW-31 a legitimate callsign of Access 31?

No i think it was ATW

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I also think ATW. CTW is the callsign for its successor West TV.

ATW-31 indeed.