TV History changes

Hi all,

TV History has long been one of our most popular threads. It covers a pretty wide scope, so we thought it was time to expand this part of the site.

In the new TV History subforum, feel free to start new threads to cover your favourite old shows, coverage of news events, TV guide listings, and so on. The Vault presentation threads have been moved here too.

We’ll keep an eye on how things go, and feedback/ideas are welcomed.


I personally think this is a good move, brings all of the similar topics together in a good way.


Fantastic move @Bort, already see some threads I’m interested in :slight_smile:

Just you wait until I scan the copy of Gladiators magazine I found the other day :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not usually a fan of change, but I think this is a great idea for having this new subforum. I think I will get used to it quite quickly. Well done, Bort.

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Fantastic move. Great to have a new subforum where you can discuss about TV history like many users around for a long time.


I don’t like it, it’s too fragmented.

Sorry to be the dissenting voice, but I preferred the megathread, even skipping over the dull bits in it were mildly amusing at times. But then again, I prefer aggregated content, like leafing through a newspaper, rather than hunting-and-gathering stuff myself.

I also think there needs to be a bit of merging… does TV3 (NZ) need it’s own thread, or are you guys happy to end up with 40+ seperate NZ TV History threads for every channel that’s come and gone? Shouldn’t there just be a NZ TV History thread, a NZ Radio thread, and a NZ digital one? Or are these the ironing-out type things that will happen in due course?

Anyway, I appreciate the effort, and that most seem thrilled with it. I’ll hold off on starting a barrage (well, maybe by network) of NZ TV history threads for a wee bit!

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Appreciate the feedback - universal positivity makes me suspicious.

We’re keeping an eye on fragmentation and are adjusting things as necessary. One example so far has been threads on individual news events. Some are going to attract more discussion than others, and so we have restricted thread creation in that area and have created a general news event thread.

Overseas channel history is another area we’ll keep a close eye on - given we’re an Australia-based site, those threads just wont attract the same level of discussion as ones on Aussie shows or presentation. There’s only a handful of o/s threads at this point so it’s hard to make a call just yet on how we’ll handle them.

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The icon for this section should be a rewind symbol