Another streaming platform is coming to Australia. Tubi, a free service based in San Francisco, will launch in Australia on September 1.

Customers in Australia will be able to access Tubi via Telstra TV, Tubi.TV, or through Samsung TVs, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast and Apple iOS, as well as Android tablets and smartphones. The service will also be available via game consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


I saw some comedy titles in there such as Green Wing, Smack the Pony and This is Littleton .

Limited content here unlike what the US has.

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Doesn’t Disney own Fox so Disney owns Tubi?

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No, Tubi is now under Fox Corp which is separate from Disney. Fox Corp owns Fox TV network in the US.

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Foxtel Media will the sole ad sales representative in Australia for Tubi from today until the end of 2022.
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Tubi is also shown in Australia on ABC ME.

Is it pronounced like tubby, or chew bi or two b ?

I notice quite often stuff like some movies and docs are on Tubi and Prime Video.

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I think it’s pronounced chew bi.

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