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Melbourne Airport surged into the top 20, climbing to 19th place, up from 26th last year. The airport was also named the best in the Australia/Pacific region. Sydney Airport continued to slide, dropping to 49th in the top 100 rankings, down from 41st last year and 28th in 2021. Brisbane Airport dropped from 22nd to 23rd.

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Melbourne is terrible, needs to be demolished and rebuilt on the other side of the runway. They keep taking the band aid approach to construction. Terminal 4 is the pits, if you look closely at the construction you will see how cheap T4 was done, the old Tiger terminal T4 was actually never demolished. Look closely at the exterior near the Rex end and you will see what I mean.

Mascot is much the same, T2 needs a complete refit. I noticed the broken toilet in the Bathroom still hasn’t been fixed in T2 between my two visits being a month between flights.

Both are very unappealing transit experiences.

Our best airports are probably Adelaide, Canberra. Wellcamp is actually pretty sleek. The rest need to be demolished and rebuilt. Love the Gold Coast. Half the airport is new and shiny, the other half is still a tin shed.


For a Small-Medium airport Adelaide is no contest although some design flaws exist - e.g. Passengers travelling from Auckland on Qatar Airways have to be re-screened in full before entering international airside while stopped in Adelaide, you would have thought Adelaide Airport would have provisions to allow transit passengers to enter the international airside area without this been necessary.

They’ll need a separate international terminal sooner rather than later at Adelaide, but for now considering there’s never more than about 8 international flights a day, it’s fit for purpose.

Brisbane is great but is looking more and more dated each year.

Sydney needs a massive refresh, it’s utterly insane that check in counters are still required to drop bags in T2.

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Brisbane is planned for a massive upgrade including a new connected international terminal in time for the olympics, along with the airport line concession being brought out by the state government


Hopefully it will easier for the Queensland Government to duplicate the Airport line between Eagle Junction and the international terminal.

hopefully, and other thing it does is remove the monopoly airtrian have on public transport to the airport. Brisbane City Council is already talking about extending the metro out there to add bus servcies


In no particular order…

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Brisbane does get overlooked as a good tourist destination, it has a lot of good shopping, eateries and bars etc. In saying that, it’s not better than Sydney or Melbourne for instance.

its different to Sydney and Melbourne. Sydney and Melbourne are destinations in there own right, whereas Brisbane is a base to explore the region - the gold and sunshine coast and toowoomba are only short drives (approx 1 hour) away and the barrier reef is only a few hours away by plane.