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It’s been rumoured that this has been the case quite consistently for SYD-MEL / MEL-SYD, though allegedly the other routes perform better.

They’re apparently about to bring on even more 737s, so the strategy doesn’t seem to be going away.

Perhaps new routes like transcon or something. Cairns is pretty busy from what I’ve seen also

At the same time, they’re allegedly been actively looking at reducing their regional footprint too (especially markets where they compete with VA or QLink) and have been pushing for a return (at least in NSW) to having protected routes into Sydney.

They’ve also bought National Jet Express

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I was last there 10 years ago so I don’t remember the way it was set out

It is now official. People who check in at the Virgin Australia counters at T3 now have to walk around to T4, go downstairs and pass through the new security gates, then walk through the corridor back to the departure gates at T3.

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