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It will be more of an inconvenience to the majority of travellers, who I think would prefer to travel from Tullamarine. Obviously travellers in Geelong will be pleased.

If the 3rd airport in Melbourne’s south east ever goes ahead one day, that will only cause further confusion and inconvenience to many (as I believe the proposed site is out near Koo Wee Rup).

They really need to get the rail link to Tullamarine established. I think that would be the Number 1 air travel related concern of Melbournians (even though I don’t live there :smile: ).


It will also boost tourism to the Bellarine Peninsula the south west region of Victoria, as it means people from South East Asia can bypass Melbourne and reach Geelong fairly easily.


Where is the PTV bus service from Avalon to Lara Station tho?


There is a provision for an Avalon rail link in the PTV Development Plan, to spur off the Geelong line.

Would laugh if that happens before a link to Tullamarine is completed, but it wouldn’t surprise me


Skybus runs services between Avalon and Geelong station.


Interesting move, but not surprising considering AirAsia has made similar moves to alternate low cost terminals not only in its home base but also in other countries.

I wonder if we will see any other LCCs follow as the viability of the International terminal at Avalon will probably require more than a couple flights a day.


I mean a Myki ticketed bus that costs a normal fare.

Still waiting for my 10 minute off peak services that were going to be introduced to the Craigieburn line since 2016 and reliable transport on Sundays. :thinking::thinking:


Thanks for the mentions of Avalon. I just realised I booked a flight from there to Sydney in a few weeks. I didn’t realise there was multiple airports that ran services to Sydney so assumed it was the main airport. Lucky you posted Avalon here or I would have definitely been at the wrong airport.


I suppose that is part of the territory for a newcomer to Melbourne (hope you’re enjoying the change from Adelaide)…

Avalon is nearly 60 km from Melbourne so you’ll need to allow a bit more for travel time unless you’re in the western suburbs.


Reminds me of the time I booked a flight from Vienna to London, and landed at Stansted thinking it was Heathrow.


A star-studded, Crocodile Dundee-themed ad aired during NBC’s Super Bowl coverage today as part of a US$27 million campaign by Tourism Australia targetting American viewers.


So the tin shed on steroids is getting an upgrade?


The campaign is getting a lot of free publicity around the world.


Anyone been on a short cruise off shore? I have never been cruising, and a 3-4 day cruise to/from Sydney (no ports of call) seems like a good way to dip the toe in.

I see P&O have one just like that - and on a Media Spy note, all rooms on their ships have TVs - I suspect they have VAST and maybe some FOXTEL channels ? Does anyone know?

Unfortunately, internet access is quite expensive on them, as they rely on satellite connections so it might mean having to curb my MS addiction for a few days :disappointed:


I’ve never done a cruise but was considering one like this myself.


What made you decide against it, or to not go yet?


I have a few weddings to go to in Europe again so money mainly. Might do it at the end of the year or next year.


I’ve booked my first Cruise at the end of this year from Melbourne to New Zealand for 10 days. It’s a P&O cruise which I’ve been told can attract a very bogan crowd. I’m not sure a cruise is really my sort of thing but not too fussed - 4 of us are going and have our own room with an ocean view so we are sure to have a good time regardless.


Yeah, I’ve just booked on a short 3 night P&O cruise which runs from a Friday to Monday, which I’ve been told CAN attract bucks or hens parties etc.

Though I don’t have plans to go late night clubbing or anything, so hopefully that won’t be an issue.


Out of curiosity wouldn’t all the rooms have an ocean cruise? It’s not like there would be the mountains on the other side.