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Not as important as Singapore


The traditional owners of Uluru decided today to ban tourists from climbing on the rock from October 2019.

I also hear that flying over Uluru is banned (but you can fly around it). Why?


‘A bit of an eyesore’: Newcastle to demolish ‘embarrassing’ tower




Is it safe?


11 luxury brand shops and new food outlets opened at Melbourne Airport terminal 2 yesterday. The 11 shops take up the space where the vast sitting area used to be, meaning travellers will have to walk to the gates before they can find a spot to sit down.


A new hotel will be built at Melbourne’s Chadstone shopping centre next year and open in 2019. It will be operated by Accor Group under the MGallery by Sofitel brand.


This list has been getting a lot of coverage. My biggest problem with some of the inclusion is the list is supposed to be based on " “Triple-A” criteria: Affordable, Accessible and Authentically Australian." Despite the “accessible” criterion many of the beaches are on islands including Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Christmas Island and Lord Howe. Even, number one on the list requires a ferry trip and walk through the island. Even Cylinders that I was at last week requires a ferry trip.


The last ever Boeing 747 to fly passengers with an American airline touched down this week. Delta flew its last 747 to Seoul and return to Detroit.


Not quite correct - Atlas Air is an “American airline” and still operates passenger 747s for charter. I think there is another American charter carrier with a 747 but the name isn’t coming to me.


So I’m flying out to Europe next week. Does anyone know if it’s possible to download (by renting) two movies on iTunes and then watch them on the plane without an internet connection? Wanna watch the two Blade Runner movies back to back.

I can’t use Google Play because it only has the Theatrical Cut of the first film.


No internet connection required to watch a downloaded rental in iTunes.


Singapore Airlines has axed the Canberra-Wellington service, which was launched in September 2016. From May 1, the Wellington flight will be routed via Melbourne. The Canberra-Singapore route has been upgraded to a daily service and a Boeing 777-300ER (and with it first class, lie-flat business class and premium economy), but the return leg will include a one-hour stopover in Sydney, also from May 1, making it a triangular service.


Yields CBR-WLG must have been very low to make this change, or at the very least lower than they’d expect them to keep WLG service but move it to MEL instead.

Also very much a move to compete with Qatar’s CBR flight on the business/first side of things.


I just don’t get who was the target market in the first place, from either side of the ditch.


2 federal capitals of neighbouring countries? surely someone will have the need for this service!

Here in Perth SQ continue to run 4 daily flights on 777s with extremely low passenger yields outside of peak holiday periods so I’m somewhat skeptical of how good their decision making is.


Don’t Qantas use smaller 737’s for their Perth to Singapore service?


I would have tried to find out but I’m departing from Melbourne in June on Singapore (and then onto Duban via Johannesburg) instead of Perth.


Enjoy your trip!


Air Asia has announced it will move the Melbourne-Kuala Lumpur flights to Avalon Airport by the end of this year. A new international terminal will be built, including facilities for customs, immigration and air freight.