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Yeah, at Burswood/Crown

Rumour has it that Qantas will re-route the Melbourne-London flight so it has a stopover at Perth instead of Dubai. It means if you fly from Melbourne or Perth you can travel on the same plane, for everyone else it will have to be a connecting flight.

Not sure why you quoted me saying that. It was not my comment.

Anyone ever been to Wimbledon? Ive booked my European trip and am in London while it is on. I never got to it while I lived there. Work always got in the way. Just wondering how hard or easy it is to get tickets?

I’ve been in London whilst Wimbledon was on however it is so hard to get tickets that we avoided going anywhere near the Tennis. Basically the only way to get tickets to Wimbledon is to register to go into a ballot. So it’s all luck if you get them but worth trying. Otherwise there are limited tickets that become available on the day but most people line up and queue all night to get them. We couldn’t justify wasting that sort of time from our few days in London to 'maybe; get tickets. Although when we did come back to London after the tournament was over we did the tour they do there. That was very interesting and satisfying enough to have walked around the grounds, go into the media room etc. The little museum thing that they have there was interesting too.

I will have to consider whether its worth the risk and line up. Someone was told me sculpers (forget the name) sell them outside. I will be only staying 20 mins away.



Just remember that the only way a scalper can get a ticket is through the ballot (or lining up all night) as well so for people to then sell them you would expect to pay heaps. From what I’ve heard they have got very strict on ticket scalping at Wimbledon and you don’t see a lot of it outside the grounds these days. The ones online are often known to be cancelled/fake tickets.

The whole ticketing system there sucks especially for travellers. At least if locals miss out on a ticket they can just try again the next year, but if you are there on holiday and miss out it sucks. It is my dream to attend every Grand Slam but I will just have to be satisfied with touring the Wimbledon grounds. Otherwise I’ve done the US Open and Australian Open so I just need to get to Roland Garros now.

As posted in the Foxtel thread, Qantas is offering free wi-fi streaming of Foxtel, Spotify and Netflix on Boeing 737-800 and A330 fleet by June this year. Since the start of the year most of Qantas’ inflight radio channels can also be streamed on Spotify.
The new service certainly puts the airline way ahead of Virgin Australia in terms of inflight entertainment choices. I wonder if Virgin will partner with Stan and Pandora in return? It is also ironic that Qantas will be able to stream live AFL matches via Fox Footy inflight, given Virgin is the AFL’s official carrier.

Will the same happen on Qatar? They are connected.

Cruise ship Ovation of the Seas visits Brisbane

This ship is huge! It looks like someone has built a 20 story building at the mouth of the river! The overhead signs on the Port Motorway have been warning this week of extra traffic due to cruise ships arriving - imagine how many taxis etc will be servicing 4,000 people on board plus a second ship the Arcadia is also arriving today with the same number of passengers.

The Ovation has already visited Tasmania a couple of times this year.

And yes, I managed to see it when it was down here, and yes, it is a freaking massive beast of a ship. Hobart obviously isn’t that big of a city, but this thing made it look so miniature it wasn’t funny! :open_mouth::yum:


A travel writer in the US made US$11,000 cash by twice accepting Delta’s offer that their family be bumped to later flights, and then thirdly by cancelling the tickets!! The story indicates that some people make lots money doing this. What??

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I am off to China next week. Just wondering if anyone knows how their electrical adaptors work. Are they the same as Australia’s? I know either China or Hong Kong is the same as the UK and the other is the same as Australia.


China use 220V 50Hz and the same plug as Australia/NZ except the socket is upside down.

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Qantas announced this morning the Melbourne-Dubai-London A380 flight will be axed on March 23 next year, replaced by the new Boeing 787 Melbourne-Perth-London service the next day.

That sucks. Who wants to stop over in Perth?


I don’t see much advantage with Perth for people on the east coast. From Melbourne it’s still a 3 hour flight to Perth, followed by a 17 hour flight to London. That’s 20 hours flight time. If you get a good connection flying via Dubai on Qantas you can do it in 22-23 hours so you are only saving a couple hours, plus I would much prefer that break in between than a 17 hour flight (and the option to stopover in Dubai).

Although I guess they are trying to compete with the middle eastern airlines to provide an alternative and reduce their reliance on Emirates. With so many people flying Qatar/Etihad/Emirates these days the alternate route gives them their own marketing angle I guess.

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That’s a fucking long flight! Surely Dubai or Singapore are better options…

Yes, it’s one of the longest in the world.

I think Sydney to Dallas is longer, at 18 hours.