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It does look very similar to the font in use by Etihad. Looks shit with Qantas though.

I still don’t approve of the arm-less kangaroo either. Looks bloody terrible. :pensive:

It looks nothing like Etihad to me.

I reckon this will be great news for Perth

Direct flights to London from 2018 (and possibly soon other European destinations).

I think I would prefer to fly via Perth than Dubai (or somewhere like that).
It’s quicker as well…

It certainly is a game changer. I think many people flying from eastern states will prefer stopover in Perth rather than Asian cities or Dubai.
Qantas has also said it will move Perth-Auckland and Perth-Singapore from T1 (international terminal) to T3 when the London flight starts. The arrangement will be similar to that in Adelaide when passengers go through a dedicated customs and immigration area and enter the plane through one of the swing gates.
But, as Australian Business Traveller website points out, the Perth-London flight could mean the QF9/10 (Melbourne-Dubai-London) will be re-routed to Perth with less seats available, as 787 carries less than half of passengers on an A380 which is currently used on QF9/10. Some travellers originating from Melbourne could be forced to other airlines.
What will also be interesting is the period from 2020 (when the new rail link to Perth Airport is scheduled to open) to 2025 (when Qantas relocate all domestic flights to T2 and international flights back to T1). I hear an underground pedestrian walkway will be built from Airport Central station beneath T1/T2 to T3 on the other side of the airport, but it will only be in use for five years or so. What happens to the passageway when T3 shuts down and is redeveloped?


Has anyone ever had a domestic flight that has left on time??? Currently at the airport and I have realised every domestic flight ive caught has been delayed

Within 5-10 mins at least, then yes.

Mostly out of Newcastle though I think.

Much easier since it’s smaller as there’s only 5 departure gates and 3 arrival gates.

Maybe I have just been unlucky.

The odd early morning flight I’ve taken from Rocky has taken off as scheduled on time but generally there’s a slight wait for final print outs regarding weights to be finalised. What I now struggle to understand is that boarding passes display a boarding time that is 30 minutes before the scheduled flight, yet at most airports boarding doesn’t start until 20, sometimes even 15 minutes prior to departure with the crew all aboard and accounted for.

I have a conference in Melbourne in February and just booked my flights. Can’t believe its been 2 and a half years since I have been to Melbourne. Ridiculous. Anything new to do in Melbourne in February? Any good cafes that I have to go to? I am there for over a week.

Nope, Melbourne is a pretty boring place to be honest and I’m a Melbournian.

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Sounds promising. I am sure I can keep myself busy shopping for the week I am there.

Something something Masterchef

So just came back from Melbourne. I miss it already! Boy have i forgotten the pushy people rushing onto the trams to just to get on the first one they see. Fortunetly i am smart always catch the second tram after the one that everyone wobbles and shoves on.

Best part of Melbourne is the nightly skies from the Southbank and Fed square and of course St Kilda. Using the Miki card was great to also use to go down to Geelong on the Vline trains. We don’t have anything that sophisticated here in Perth. Not even sure if our bus ticketing system (SmartRider) allows use to your card to go down south).

Literally got lost in Myers, and what they have done with that and the emporium extension. So different. I see Australia on Collins got a fantastic face list - St.Colins Lane - much more sophisticated. When I was last there Australia On Collins precint was pretty old and dated.

We were planning to go to the NYE fireworks at Fed Square, but we figured it would have been jam packed (and it was) but we got a great view from the hotel we stayed at in Elizabeth Street.

I miss Melbourne already… just wish people would stop cramming into trams when they are already full :stuck_out_tongue: oh well :stuck_out_tongue: that’s life :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah you can use it on all Transperth, TransAlbany, TransBunbury, TransBusselton, TransGeraldton & TransGoldfields services :slight_smile: but not TransWA :confused:

It’s not that big a game changer at all in my opinion. It’s only a real advantage for people on the west coast. If you get a good connection through Dubai/Abu Dhabi you can get to London easily in 24 hours from Melbourne. For me in Melbourne it would still be a 3 hour flight to Perth, a layover at Perth airport (which would have to be at least 2-3 hours to get through customs and a connecting flight) and then 17 hours to London. That’s not much of an advantage at all. It’s maybe saving you a couple of hours max. To be honest I love Dubai / Abu Dhabi airports and rather have a look through those and a break mid flight than go to Perth airport and such a long flight.

You must be unlucky or are probably flying tiger haha. I fly domestically a few times a year and had the odd flight delayed but I’ve never had anything that major in Aus.

If you like shopping there is the Emporium now in the CBD basically connecting Bourke street to Melbourne Central. Or catch a free bus from Fed Square out to Chadstone to check out the new upgraded shopping centre which is pretty cool. If you are down on the 18th of Feb White Night be be on or if you into music and festival Electric Parade music festival is also on that day at Sidney Myer Music Bowl. Some other cool things on in Feb you might want to check out depending on your dates are Chinese New Year Celebrations, Lonsdale Street Festival and there would be Twenty20 Cricket on too. As far as places to eat burgers seem to be the in thing at the moment and I would recommend 8-bit burgers on Swanston street. Also another random thing you might want to do for a bit of fun is check out the new Galactic Circus at Crown which has been completely renovated recently and re-opened under a new name Playtime. Melbourne also now has 24/7 public transport on weekends which is awesome!

You musn’t get out much then because over summer there is almost always something on in the city. Whether sporting events, festivals, events the city is always buzing from December-March.


Haha no never flown Tiger I refuse. I did fly Jetstar once but refuse to fly with them now. So i have gone the next cheapest being Virgin. I have just used them again to fly to the Gold Coast and they left on time.

What!? Come to Perth and see what boring is. I can’t believe I just read that! Melbourne is fantastic! I would love to live there! Summer in Melbourne is great, you have so much going on. Sporting events and etc etc. Fireworks too on new years eve!

I am stunned by that comment :stuck_out_tongue:

Do Perth not do fireworks? I know country towns thst even have them on New Years!

We have the Skyworks , but I am sure Perth does new years eve fireworks too. I was in Melbourne last week so I wouldn’t know :stuck_out_tongue: I am 100% sure they do one for new years eve…