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The downfall of eating out when visiting Singapore that is if you want anything that isn’t hawker centre food, you have to pay through the nose for it (especially in this day and age when AUD/SGD is basically parity).


I was there 2 months ago, and the hawker food was OK, but not as good as I thought it would be based on what I read before I left home.

And yes, it is pretty expensive place to eat otherwise, and particularly drink, over there.


Agree, the hawker centre food overall isn’t as good as it once was many years ago, I will definitely avoid 5 star restaurants & the Marina bay sands otherwise I will quickly go bankrupt!.


Loved Singapore when I went there 7 years ago. But yes, avoid the restaurant prices. Paid something like 28 dollars for a vodka and lemonade at the rooftop bar at Marina Bay Sands.


I was at that match as well. First footy match I’ve been too in a year. Glad you enjoyed Melbourne.


Yes, I paid $23 for a pint of Stella there 2 months ago.


got a cruise booked at the end of September. got a room allocated today to find we had been downgraded. the same type of room but a different class (moved from the middle of the ship to the back)

I was not too happy as I paid extra to be in the middle. I called P&O and the call center in manilla were useless. I posted online and called the head office. An hour later I got a call from the head office and I was upgraded to a suite (jumping the balcony category)

The room is worth somwhere around $8000 for the 7 nights and I paid $3500 for it. I’m still annoyed about the room change but with the room i’ve gotten i don’t care


Great result.


More proof that complaining on social media is the way to go with issues like these.


for sure. I minored in marketing at uni and we talked about the power of social media and how it can make and break a company.


Anyone here been to Belfast? Is the Titanic museum worth doing?

Also it seems prohibitively expensive to fly from Belfast to another country in Europe am I better flying back to London and getting a flight from there to somewhere (Germany/Belgium)


Too broke at the moment to go anywhere,stuck in Brisbane for now.:confused::confused: However I like reading about trips other forum members have done.One day soon I plan to travel to NZ,then I can say that I’ve been out of Australia.Tasmania doesn’t count as travelling overseas. I have seen most of Australia I wanted to see my own country first before I travel overseas


Yes been to Belfast a few times and I thought the Titanic museum was worth doing. Although the person I was with didnt like it. This was 6 years ago as well.

In terms of flights im not sure. Depends on how much 2 flights cost compared to 1. London is a lot cheaper to fly from probably because there are 4 airports to fly from but when you add the cost of getting to places like gatwick is it really worth it? I always fly outof Heathrow now. For convinience and cost.

Make sure you go to Dublin while in Ireland and my favourite city in Ireland is hands down Derry.


Can recommend.

Interesting. Yeah I think I’ll do it. I used to be fascinated with the Titanic as a kid (still am to an extent but obviously different as a kid). Am going with a couple of others who I think will be into it. Is it easy to get to?

Gatwick is a bloody nightmare. Yeah I think I might just cop the price from Belfast. Rather spend my time on holiday doing what I want than extra commuting.

Yep off to Dublin for a weekend. I’m tossing up whether I go early after my weekend in Belfast


Yeah I believe it was easy. We had hired a car at the time so drove there but its right near the water if I recall correctly and pretty essy to get to. Taxis are very cheap in Ireland so if you cant work out the buses just grab a taxi.


An hour later I got a call from the head office and I was upgraded to a suite (jumping the balcony category)

Make sure you post that result on social media as well


I have indeed. any posts made trying to get the issue resolved were edited to show the outcome


I too plan to travel to NZ, for what’s literally a hit and run trip to Auckland (well the run bit anyway) at the end of October to run the Auckland Marathon and cross their harbour bridge. Not going to have a lot of time to do much though as the flights I intend to take arrive at midnight Saturday morning and leave 6PM (NZDST) on that Sunday with the run being at 6AM that morning. Tokyo next year may be on the radar, but that depends on how the ballot falls in the next couple of weeks.

And I had the same theory too regarding overseas travel, to the extent now where I actually look forward to regional trips more than capital city trips in a strange way.


Stories on the new Brisbane airport runway.


One for the bucket list? It will not be on mine!