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The couple of times I’ve been on the train between Strathfield & Woy Woy weren’t bad, but I wouldn’t call the journey amazing. But maybe you need to actually travel between Sydney & Newcastle for the full experience.

As for the Gold Coast, I’m personally not rushing to have a return trip up there anytime soon but I get the general impression that the Southern half (or even just over the NSW/QLD Border) is much nicer than the Northern half where most of the tackiness is.


From about Warnervale to Booragul, it’s basically just scrub the whole way.

I would say Gosford to Brooklyn is the most scenic part of the Sydney to Newcastle train ride.
Not bad, but nothing to write home about (for me anyway).


Anthrax?, that’s so 2001.


It’s a reboot.


Agree, that’s why everytime I go to Singapore I only buy food from Hawker centres or McDonald’s, Burger King or Long John Silvers, otherwise I will go broke very quickly.


I have to agree. I live in brisbane so i can get to surfers in about 75 mins and during the day i don’t bother generally. I will go down at night and walk the beaches and stuff but keep away from cavill ave.

it’s just too touristy and stuff. i’d rather head to noosa or moolloolaba


I quite enjoy train trips but I’d have to disagree here as well- from Cowan to Woy Woy is OK but the rest is fairly pedestrian. The trip from Central to Kiama is more scenic overall.

And you’d have to pay me to go to Singapore, transit through to Europe excepted.


Far North Queensland shits all over SEQ as a holiday destination; don’t change my mind


Yep, the GC (coastal part) is best avoided unless you’ve got a reason for going there outside of normal tourist activities. I have not yet been to the GC hinterland which by all accounts is lovely.


And some great DX can be had up there too!


Well I’ve just come back from 3.5 weeks in Europe (and Africa). The first 2.5 weeks with my bf and then I went off on my own for the last bit for a musical festival.

Greece - Definitely my fave place in the world for a ‘holiday’. The most relaxing week of my trip. We started in an island called Milos which was definitely a fave of mine. The smaller less touristy islands are the best and nothing beats getting a quad bike and exploring the different beaches. I didn’t like Santorini (which I had been to before) as it has become so touristy but the sunsets there are still stunning. Mykonos overall is still my fave and had a couple of fun nights there. I was surprised how much quieter Mykonos was to Santorini.

Morocco - Did an 8 day Busabout tour. Started in Casablanca then Fez, Sahara desert, Todra Gorge, Ben Haddhou and finished in Marrakech. This country was definitely a culture shock and the food became hard after a while. Most people on our tour got sick mostly from food poisoning. I wasn’t a fan of any of the cities but places like Todra Gorge and Ben Haddhou were amazing. The highlight of the trip was definitely camel riding into the Sahara and sleeping under the stars. Amazing.

Portugal - Had 3 days in Lisbon but we spent 2 days doing day trips outside to Sintra, Cascais, Fatima, Nazare and Obidos. I absolutely loved everything that I saw in Portugal. Lisbon was such a nice city and we were there when they got through to the next round of the world cup, so the massive square with the soccer big screen was like one big party. The sites and everything here I just loved. One of my fave cities in the world that’s for sure.

Netherlands - So I ended the trip on my own in Netherlands. I stayed 1 night in Amsterdam and then went out to Zandvoort for Luminosity Beach Festival for 3 days. This was the best event I’ve ever attended, the music was amazing, met so many people and made friends for life. This weekend they had extremely warm wether (28 degrees) which is rare for the Netherlands which resulted in spectacular sunsets over the mainstage at the end of each night. It really was something special.

Really good trip and it’s now a struggle to be home and at work. Still very jet lagged!


Hi all I’m planning a week long trip to Sydney then driving to Melbourne in October and I’m looking for recommendations of various things to do while I’m away.

A few things I already have planned is to go to a filming of studio10 and visit Martin place. But that’s about it. Any ideas welcome,



Brisbane was recently acknowledged as the cultural capital of Australia. Come here and appreciate the culture.


The Project at Ten Melbourne, and ACMI - Australian Centre for the Moving Image.


I second this.


I’m thinking of booking an overseas trip shortly and wondering is there much of a difference between QF’s Business Class and VA’s “The Business”?

I must say I like the look of VA’s design but QF has recently had a refurbishment with the introduction of the 787’s.


The Museum of Modern Art exhibition at National Gallery of Victoria closes October 7, so if you want to go, make sure you arrive early to avoid last minute crowds.


have you been? i’m coming down for a weekend in august and am looking at squeezing it in


Got back from my weekend in Melbourne and I had an unplanned extra night down there after jetstar cancelled the final flight back to Brisbane last night.

I felt sorry for the staff at the check in desk at the airport due to the amount of people needing to be accommodated. They were fantastic and got me on a flight today and into a hotel room for the night (at no charge to me and with a $30 food and beverage voucher as well)

Other than that i had a time - I went to the real madrid world of football exibition and essendon v st kilda on friday night.


Well I have just arrived in Singapore for a holiday for the next couple of weeks & apart from looking forward to trying out the fantastic local hawker centre food, I can’t wait to try Texas Chicken, I heard they have great tasting pieces of fried chicken, I wonder if it tastes as good as KFC.