Trash talk against NSW thread

11 players on debut for the Blues yet Maroons are the underdogs on the betting markets.

The arrogance of the southern hordes.

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Only Sydney’s houseprices will be higher than the Maroon’s score in about two hours.

If the Maroon’s win how will you celebrate @MTLCK?


I daresay the Maroon’s score will be higher than the combined IQ of the team.

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Oh the irony for you having a go at me earlier :stuck_out_tongue:

For what it’s worth, yes, I do agree that with NSW having so many debutants, that is a real risk. There is also the risk that NSW may be scarred if they can’t beat a QLD team minus the “big 4”.

I just hope it’s a good close and exciting game.

All brawn and no brains!:joy:

Same, I’m hoping for a good clean close biff-free game with a good outcome for Queensland. Good luck tho mate.

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I’m going to trash talk against both sides by saying I don’t give the slightest f**k! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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She hates us because she ain’t us.

The worst New South Welshman is still better than the best neutral Nellie on a bad day.

HhhhhHHHhhhhmmmmMMMmmmmm my TV must be broken.

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Nope, I can confirm for you

NSW 8, QLD 0 (after 23 mins)

Good start for the Blues, but I’m still wary of what happened in Game 1 last year. Never say never.

In more interesting news Harry Bosch hasn’t killed anyone yet.


If s QLDer HAD to score a try tonight, as a Sharks supporter, I’m not unhappy about it being Valentine Holmes.

All of a sudden, it’s back to a 2 point ball game, against the run of play.

Inglis’ shots were his inspiration.

I’m liking his captaincy a lot.

Matlick are you okay? :hushed:

Funny that, now I think MY TV is broken :frowning:

Gave my TV a thump, all fixed now :slight_smile:

NSW back in front

Licking his wounds :crazy_face:

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