Jess Rowe has started a new podcast with Karl being her first guest talking about her time on Today 14 years ago.


So when Jayne Azzopardi comes back from maternity leave, will she take over the hosting role, or return back to news?

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I think it depends on the COVID situation in both Sydney and Melbourne for Bec to fly to North Sydney.

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Be better if she went back to news and kept Sophie, in my opinion.

I just finished listening to that, and wow I didn’t know how young Karl was when he took on the role. This interview definitely illustrates what a dark time it was for the program back then. It has definitely changed my perception of both of these people, especially for Jessica. Even though she has lived a life in the spotlight for many years, no one should ever have to go through what she endured, especially from a workplace perspective.

It’s led me to think that for the program’s 40th year next year, we may see her take part in some form of reunion.


So Jess can reminisce about the time Eddie McGuire called for her to be “boned” from Today?

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One wonders how the network management of the time convinced Peter Overton to stay with the network back then.

Because there’s absolutely no doubt that Jessica Rowe was treated extremely poorly by Nine in 2006, especially when you consider that just a couple of years earlier there was a 60 Minutes story (of course done by Pete) about Jess’ depression/mental illness while she was still reading Sydney’s 5pm news on Ten!

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I think maybe you are the only one who’s wondering.
The answer is obvious; :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

Well she did appear on the program 2 years back to promote her book. And I think by having the discussion she had with Karl recently, that she has taken time to heal those wounds.

And I think that if there was to be some sort of celebration for Today’s 40th next year, she might be more inclined to take part. But of course I’m just speculating.

I’d say the fact that no one from her time at the network is around anymore helps


the strumming guitar harmonies as background music was a bit much

Barely could hear Lara Vella this morning with her wearing a thick black mask. Reporters don’t need to wear them when speaking

It’s remarkable when you realize that Karl has outlasted 4 cohost during his run and is now on the 5th.


Nine has an edict for NSW that they are to be worn at all times in the newsroom and out on the road reporting.

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If the Weekend Today ratings stay like that, they might keep the current presenting line up the way it is. Having Bec in Melbourne, rather than flying up to Sydney, gives them a local feel which might be an advantage.

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She always looks so exotic like a Russian spy.

They lost by 60000 on Saturday.

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I haven’t seen Weather during the 7:30 hour.
What happened? They just went straight to Brooke on E-news

They were having issues with the link around 7am to Tim who was on location in the wild weather - maybe the link dropped out?

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