Ross Greenwood has also returned from holidays this morning.


Apparently Karl is back next Monday. Would have sworn he would have been back for the OB for Australia Day.


maybe more time off due too the fact he in america for the new president being swan in


He might have been swanning in but he was also sworn in. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


lol :stuck_out_tongue:


@Jason_Ferguson l think l read Karl was having a holiday in America prior to hosting Nine’s coverage of Trump’s inauguration,so he is obviously just finishing off his holiday before heading home.



Thursday 26 January – 5.30am to 10.00am AEDT

TODAY will celebrate all things Aussie when they broadcast live from Parramatta Park on Australia Day this Thursday from 5.30am AEDT.

Hosts Lisa Wilkinson and Tim Gilbert, together with Sylvia Jeffreys, Ross Greenwood and Stevie Jacobs, will start the festivities with a giant Aussie barbecue. Entertainment Editor Richard Wilkins will be broadcasting live from P&O’s Pacific Eden cruise ship, bringing viewers a special, exclusive performance by Aussie rock legend Jimmy Barnes.

Other guests featuring on the day will include “Lambassador” Sam Kekovich and the TODAY show’s three honorary Australians of the Year: young surfing sensation Sabre Norris, Budgy Smugglers’ Most Ordinary Rig Winner, Dingo Dan, and Daniel “All I had was me jocks on!” McConnell.

TODAY will also chat with the official Australian of the Year, the Young and Senior Australians of the Year, plus the Local Hero of the Year – LIVE from Canberra.

And TODAY will be previewing Australia Day activities around the country, including performances by the Royal Australian Air Force Roulettes in Melbourne, the annual Sydney Harbour ferry race, plus all the action from the Gold Coast.

Viewers are encouraged to come down to Parramatta Park and join in the morning’s celebrations. They will have a chance to win 10 Heston Blumenthal BBQs, balloon rides, as well as a whole load of lamb!


What a line up! Shame Karl couldn’t be there for the banter with that lot.


Thanks, Im off to Martin Place


@Tom_TV7 last week you said l’m off to Parramatta :rolling_eyes:


HAHAHA. I would only go to Paramatta if Karl was there.


@Tom_TV7 oh what a pity! :joy:


Lara Vella presenting news in the studio with the team on location this morning.



Um why are they in Parramatta Park?

It looks like they are on a country field in rural NSW - nothing is going on behind them - hardly feels celebratory or Australian or like an event.


Did you see Rachel Corbett wore a very similar blue lacy top like Lisas dress? :laughing:


They’re at a Nine News sponsored event.


Because it would be a huge target market for them? Parramatta takes in a huge amount of surrounding suburbia? Even if they were in the city crowds aren’t going to be much bigger. It’s a public holiday. No one out before 10.


Why not go somewhere that is iconic or spectacular for TV - Sydney Harbour, Surfers Paradise Beach, Uluru - or something - Parramatta Park doesn’t make good TV


Sydney Harbour and Gold Coast OBs have been done to death by commercial TV breakfast shows at various points during the year…