Is this a Married At First Sight spin-off?


…or his stint on Celebrity Dog School between Wheel of Fortune and The Morning Show? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I guess stranger things have happened, but we’re coming up to 12 years of Kylie Gillies & Larry Emdur on The Morning Show. If Nine really wanted Kylie & Larry on their network, wouldn’t they have poached them well before now? Late 2011 when they were looking for new Mornings co-presenters (which of course were Sonia & David) to replace KAK comes to mind.


I said way back - as soon as Dab started - that it would sink to ABC levels.


Hopefully, the couple has a personality. The idea should be that they become a part of the “family” and become regulars for different segments.

I don’t mind the end graphic either. So, does Today do an OB from the NT?

Deb is probably the best suited for breakfast. Have you actually watched her or are you comparing her to Karl?


Deb is better than Georgie, should have given her the gig permanently when Lisa left.


You guys can stick with your wrong beliefs. I’ll stick to mine - which suggested that ratings would sink when Deb started. Which is - you know, in the actual real world - what happened.


There are plenty more factors which contribute to the ratings decline than just ‘Deb’.


It’s mainly about Deb.


If Deb was really that bad of a presenter, I highly doubt the 6pm news bulletins she presents would consistently outrate Seven in the Sydney market.

The main problem with Today was and still is their mix of content.


I expect more of you, man. So Brian Henderson would have been a good fit for Today, then? Please!


Nah. You’re wrong. Again.


Ratings held up just fine during those months in late-2017 while Deb was hosting with Karl, even with all the negative chatter that surrounded Lisa’s departure.

The downward spiral only started after Georgie joined the show.


No I’m not. Again.


David and Jayne doing a fantastic job. The show is very watchable this morning.

My only criticism is we haven’t had any other news, sport or weather.


There was in the first 90 minutes, I saw.


7:30am is still quite early. Many people tuning in after would have switched to Weekend Sunrise or Weekend Breakfast to get their usual news fix.


I didn’t want watch much this morning, so I can’t argue with you. All I am going to say, from what you’ve said, is that WT would’ve dropped their “normal programming” to focus on Christchurch because of:

a) breaking news or new information
b) in response to how much coverage WS was doing

With the special coverage on the Christchurch Mosque Shooting, Today used a more sombre theme for the headlines/opener today.

I also liked their use of the soft set today. They removed the couch and four reporters were plastered across the four vertical plasmas for a live cross. Would anyone have a cap?


There are an awful lot of contributing factors to the ratings freefall. Ridiculous to solely attribute it to Deb.



I didn’t solely attribute it to Deb. But it is far from ridiculous to state that she is one of the main reasons for the ratings.