If it isn’t panic stations now then what figure will make them panic?


While the current ratings for Today aren’t great (being beaten by Sunrise in Sydney - a market Nine otherwise dominate - is absolutely shameful), it’s also well worth remembering that at this time three years ago, we were all talking about how Today was enjoying ratings success for the first time in many years while Nine primetime struggled with programs like Australia’s Got Talent failing to fire.

But right here and now, News Breakfast can sometimes be a bit overly formal and stuffy while Sunrise is sometimes incredibly wacky to the point that you wonder if it’s a serious news/current affairs-based breakfast program or actually aimed at children. Nine should be positioning Today as the “Goldilocks” breakfast program - one that still takes their coverage of news & current affair seriously, while still having fun when appropriate.


I agree with the others. They should be panicking. If things don’t improve soon, we could be looking at a complete new line up for 2020 (On and off screen).


Move it to Melbourne. Nothing to lose.


Sports with Tony Jones. Except he didn’t read any sports news. :roll_eyes:


Sunrise was ahead by +60,000 yesterday; Today had its highest number for 2 weeks but still rated less than 200,000.


I only say move it to Melbourne as there was a story somewhere in recent months which was talking about the ‘Melbourne Phenomenon’ with local productions getting more viewers when shows are produced in their own backyard and used ‘The Block’ and ‘Hey Hey’ as examples which at the end of the day boosted national figures.


Thanks for the regular update on breakfast ratings. It’s actually much more intriguing given that ABC Breakfast is now a worthy contender. Is it possible to have the actual ratings for the 3 shows? Or is it against the rule?


Against OzTAM agreement to post anything outside the top 20.


MediaWeek generally has the breakfast show ratings each morning.


I believe it’s not so much that News Breakfast has an increasing number of viewers. I think the audience number for that show has been static for a long time. But that Today, and even Sunrise are down on their heydays. Are people just not watching breakfast TV as much now?

Maybe TV Cynic or others could provide some context!


Thanks for introducing me to that website - it’s very informative and I love the commentary. It’s as good as this TV forum :slight_smile:


Melbourne reporter/producer Lauren Tomasi is returning to Sydney after 18 months working in Melbourne.


Comparing this year’s average audiences (7am-9am) to 2018:

Sunrise is rating 7% higher, News Breakfast is steady. Today is down 34%.


Weekend Today starting at 6am tomorrow morning.


I believe the show should refrain from making any presenting changes until they can get people from over networks.

I suggest Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies.

That would be a monumental snatch from Seven. Make it happen Nine!


Are you drunk?


Both are quite firmly “Seven for life” presenters, I think.


How could you forget Larry’s The Price is Right years at Nine and his stint at Ten in the early 1990s?

I never thought I’d ever see Chris Bath at Ten but it happened. Today certainly needs a team with established chemistry to give them a boost. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Nine wave the chequebook around for the likes of Larry and Kylie or even Sarah Harris and Joe Hildebrand when they wake up to the fact dull and duller aren’t suitable replacements for the great team they had in Karl and Lisa.


A must see episode!