Today improved from last Monday’s low rating but Sunrise still had a big win, ahead by more than 85,000.


Wednesday -

Tony Jones presenting sport from Melbourne.
Brooke is back in the studio with the team presenting Entertainment this morning.


Not sure how this is an exclusive- you can see the 7 News mic in the right-hand corner:

I understand that the 9 reporter likely spotted Howard and started the interview. Maybe first but exclusive isn’t the right word, IMO.


First on 9? :joy:


Friday- Tony Jones is in the Sydney studio with the team


Ben Fordham joined today, for What’s Making News (they have been using two regulars for the segment of late):

Also, in the past few weeks, they have been projecting the weather maps on to the megawall. Makes sense given it is a permanent move.

Updated billboard:

‘What You Need to Know’ full-screen graphic:

Aaannnd, a happy family lunch:


Tony took Stevie’s seat so he sat in Tony’s lap at the start of the show :joy:


With the passing of her father-in-law, Mike Willesee, I would say that Allison won’t be presenting this weekend.


Jayne Azzopardi is filling in this weekend with Lara Vella presenting the news.


The Maltese are taking over!!!




Ken Sutcliffe appeared on the show this morning.


Clint Stanaway was back presenting sport from Melbourne this morning.


Saw a “Today’s Codeword” promo air at 6:25pm on 9Life. Is that odd?


Not really. I guess it’s the equivalent of seeing a 9Life ad air on the main channel.


Not on the northern NSW feed it’s not. Happens all the time. Cross promoting channels and shows.


How is it that Insiders has a better set than Today?


Monday -

Tom is in Nar Nar Goon in Victoria with special coverage on the bushfire.

Deb and Georgie reading the rest of the day’s news.


Tom just looks out of place in my opinion.


Commentary on Today’s content