A swing in the ratings of 43,000 from Monday to Wednesday really makes no sense.


Nobody wants to watch a serious news show in the morning, they are getting up going to work/school they don’t want to feel depressed going there lol


I’m saying, keep the current backdrop but remove the fake backdrop and the stripes on the left of the screen.

The set looks fantastic without the need for pointless clutter.


Sam Armytage - a household name? I have to laugh.


I would say she absolutely is. Maybe not like by everyone, but certainly most people would know of her.


So apparently Karlos has a bald spot according to Richard Reid


He joked about it all the time on the show but?


Since Today was out-rated by ABC’s Get Krack!n can we now call it the number 3 breakfast program? :wink:


She certainly wasn’t any more a household name than GG or Deb Knight when she ascended to Mel’s spot.

Kochie, Nat and Beretts weren’t instantly stars when Sunriseon7 launched, it took time. It’ll take time for Today but constantly changing teams won’t work.


Nine has disputed the claims that yesterday’s results were the worst for the show in OzTAM survey history:


Nine would be looking at more than just the average audience figures as we know that many more thousands of people watch Today than what OzTAM reports as the average.




That’s been the case for the last couple of years.


@TV.Cynic Did the show lose to News Breakfast again in Melbourne/Adelaide and Perth?


Behind ABC Breakfast in Adelaide and Perth yesterday which is becoming common.

Even allowing for a bit of spin in these numbers, the biggest shock was not the absolute ratings number but how much behind Sunrise, Today rated.

Also, not mentioned in other analyses of the numbers, both shows run 5.30-9.00 with the headline number the final 2 hours. Today did better 6-7am winning in Sydney and Melbourne and even won 5.30-6.00am.

So looking like a big turn off or channel change across the duration of the show.


Because while there were a number of Sydney-centric presenters on the “old” Today, Karl & Sylvia at least had ties to Queensland unlike the current presenting team which is almost entirely full of Sydneysiders apart from maybe one or two token interstaters.


Why wouldn’t you cite that positive data in your publicity statement? Instead, they thought that it was necessary to say that it wasn’t the first time they have rated low… Strange.

They had a similar problem in 2010/11. Their strength is news but when it comes to post 7.30 (when their content becomes lighter and shifts towards entertainment, cooking, music and celebrity interviews) Today struggle.

It isn’t necessarily just the presenters. The guests for the What’s Making News segment, with the exception of Neil Mitchell, are from Sydney. Mix it up a little with the likes of Robyn Bailey and Brenton Ragless.


Or more people getting up early and leaving home early watch Today, while more people who get up a bit later watch Koch & Co.


Oh wow…


Make of this what you will…
Might not even be Today.

People are commenting that it could be Today, Studio 10, Daily Edition, Pointless, The Project?

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