Networks also put them in their press releases sometimes too… gives their numbers a bit of a boost when spruiking themselves :stuck_out_tongue:


Breaking News supers:

They still use the theme box graphics in place of the weather ticker sometimes:


What Do You Think of those theme box graphics?


Reminds me of Get Krack’n! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


That was the first breakfast show with 2 female hosts :slight_smile:


Wake Up had two female hosts (for a short while, at least) :wink:


Today’s supers package is all over the place and inconsistent, with some refinements it could be quite good.


Another sub 200,000 result for Today yesterday (just) with Sunrise 70,000 ahead. Today won Sydney but the Melbourne and Brisbane numbers are way down.


So TJ is at a random oval in Melbourne presenting sport. I like TJ, he’s quite good and would be good on the show full time. However, the whole sports situation is messy.


Still don’t understand why they let Tim go


Because the show wasn’t particularly doing any better with him there. Not to mention, all this fawning and love we’ve seen for Timmy was never voiced until the decision was made to dump him. He was always the weakest link of that era imo.

Just a few reasons I can think of.


What happened to the weather ticker today?


I noticed that too. It came back for Today Extra though.


Almost a month after Sunrise Perth News returned, Today Perth News with Louise Momber is back next week according to a promo I just saw. The promo promoted Louise as part of the Today and even had her on the Sydney set with the national team.


The weekend edition is a great improvement from last year. David is a class act, I can see Nine moving him to the weekday edition in the near future.


Weekend Today looks much better , a big improvement, but David Campbell is annoying. Overbearing during the cooking segment at the end and annoying during Prue McSween’s rant. Actually they all were…sitting back laughing at her …why have her on if you’re going to laugh at her. That said, she wouldn’t be missed. She’s over-opinionated.


Stevie has been in the studio all week for the weather. I understand that they probably want to do it differently to Sunrise but surely when there were floods in QLD, storms and heatwaves in NSW and VIC and bushfires in Tasmania, Stevie should have been out in the elements?

With Stevie in studio, Lara was on location yesterday for regular live crosses for a giveaway. It is almost like a roving reporter gig:

Live performance yesterday:


The new promo looks pretty good but the voiceover guy from WWOS doesn’t sound right.


What promo?


For the Today show