Quickly passing judgment and hypocrisy…yep, this forum is riddled with people like that. The common denominator - leftism.

Cue triggered leftie members…


its more extreme left and extreme right fighting each other, the rest of us couldn’t give a hoot!


You’re entitled and welcome to voice your opinions, but you also know better than anyone here (having worked in broadcasting) that viewer habits don’t change in 3 weeks. You’re calling May Day May Day only 3 weeks and minimal changes into the new era.


I’ve openly said the show will need time, but for so much publicity I think the ratings are a worry. It will take more than a fresh coast of paint, they need to rethink the show. What can they do that offers a real point of difference to Sunrise. I’d love to see the show back in the race, but unless it evolves further I don’t see that happening.


I don’t disagree with you on what the show needs and you’re absolutely correct that what they’ve done so far won’t move the needle. I do disagree that the show received much promotion, many here even complained that the show was rushed to air and more promoting of the new era was necessary. We’ve seen that this relaunch was not the massive campaign we expected or thought it should have been.


i take the ratings with a grain of salt . its only those who have the oz tam boxes , what about those who havent???


What about them? The selection of households is not just done at random, they are selected very methodically to give the ratings panel a representative view of the broader population, demographics, etc. And Australia apparently has one of the better ratios of ratings boxes to the population than overseas markets.


Three hosts, local news windows, quality discussions, feature reports with the hosts, Brooke doing social media (NBC’s Orange Room) are some differences I can think of.

No one expected Today to go from woe to go overnight but I didn’t think they would be doing this poorly. Despite the promotions, this team has had no impact on the ratings. If Karl was still there, they would be in the same position.

A lot of people have said that Today made too many changes and have cited Sunrise’s downfall in 2016, after doing a similar thing. However, after Today promoted a “new day” and that they were “changing breakfast in 2019”, come Jan 14 everything but the team was the same. When the ratings are this low (last week dipped to the lowest in 12 years!) they should have changed EVERYTHING. After all, they have limped along with little changes since Lisa left. Frankly, I don’t think dragging out a poor quality show any longer will do any wonders (if if it upsets people’s consistency).


well i think the ratings would be a whole better if every one got one because not every one in australia has a box


increasing the sample of households with a ratings box doesn’t necessarily reduce the margin of error. So we’d get much the same results as we get now.

and the systems and infrastructure that drives it all would no doubt get smashed by having that much more data to crunch on a daily basis. Increasing its capacity would not bring any significant reward.


You’re making it sound like there is an extra 2 million + viewers out there which havent been included in the ratings… which is not the case and even if it was I can guarantee that ratings of Today would still be low


well i just feel like its us v them ie metro vs regional and no one caere whats regionals think


regional markets get measured too


Plus it would be a pointless investment when the country has a bigger fish to fry than caring about TV ratings.


the networks would be the ones who would have to make the investment but there is no gain to be made from it, so why would they.


You’re right. But my point still stands, it’s pointless.


Ratings are of course not completely accurate, but they are the best measurement for the popularity of a program. I would say that it’s a good measurement for advertisers as well. OzTam would probably do it in a very strategic way in an attempt to represent a wide variety of people.


yes i know they do but atm since media spy only has oz tam then we wouldnt know the ratings for regional australia sunrise vs today i know the today ratings would be low but would it be better if we could combined them???


Mediaweek and Mumbrella sometimes have the national (OzTAM and Regional TAM) ratings for Today and Sunrise, and Mediaweek has the overall Regional TAM ratings every day. National ratings are also sometimes reported by the SMH and The Australian.


I agree. All ratings systems have their flaws, but they have to be accurate enough otherwise the networks and their advertisers wouldn’t make strategic decisions based on them.

Mind you with there frequently being criticism about the Australian media being “too white” and not being entirely reflective of the wider population I often wonder whether the OzTam ratings system would be much the same, particularly in obviously multicultural cities like Sydney & Melbourne.