They just took out the consonants


A flight of stairs maybe?


They have succeeded by essentially being a carbon copy of the NBC Today Show. Sunrise plays up that whole bubbly family feeling and viewers dawned over that for so long until the family fell apart. Once Kochie leaves Sunrise it’ll become much easier for Today to compete. Sam simply cannot carry that show.

Good Morning America hadn’t competed with Today in 16 years until they took a risk and now they’ve been #1 for 7 years. Rewards takes risk. What Today was doing was not working so they have nothing to lose with this shake up.


That’s ridiculous. The pairing of Sam & Nat filling in for Kochie over the last year or so is a very likeable partnership and the future of Sunrise is in very safe hands with those two as hosts.





A very crowded desk.


Should have ditched that opening theme with the old graphics… shame they’ve kept it.


I like that they’ve got the Nine watermark onscreen instead of the solid logo previously used


Lara Vella is presenting weather this week.


No change to weather graphics:


I like the graphics except that there seems to be too much white on the big banners.

Could it look better if they shrunk those? If they moved the headline to the left, in the same way they do with the reporters name, there would be less vacant white.

image image


Now that I have seen it on air, I don’t mind the logo actually.

I agree. You shouldn’t have two different style supers, IMO. Either they meet nicely or are fitted to the text.

It is great that the supers are much smaller and I liked the graphics used in the opener. The split screen is a big improvement too. Shame that there was no change to the weather though.


This one. :+1: Less visual pollution.



Meh. Mehhhhhhhh.

Seems like something movie producers make when they want to make television graphics for a movie scene but aren’t allowed to make them too similar to the actual product. Just a weird mix-mash of old elements without a consistent theme or element behind them.



Not bad!
Graphics are so much better than before.


Does the breaking news strap still scroll the wrong way?


Do we think there is no weather flipper because it would potentially look out of place when the middle strap isn’t on the screen/shorter?


It’s a shame that they haven’t had any great packages since the 2015 package.
It was able to fit the time, weather and logo into the one box on the left corner without feeling overly cluttered.

They’d probably be able to do something similar if they made the Today box a bit bigger.