I knew about the former, but not really the latter - I just presumed Sam Mac was from Perth because if I’m not mistaken, he did breakfast radio or something there before presenting the weather on Sunrise.

I kind of want to see that happen one day! :slight_smile:


He was also born in Adelaide, and started his career in Adelaide, before going on to do a number of other things in radio and tv, before presenting the weather on Sunrise.


Nat often mentions Bunbury & WA on the show. Its a well known fact. And yes @SydneyCityTV Sam did Breakfast Radio on Hit 92.9 in Perth with Lisa Fernandez & Basil Zemplais.



:roll_eyes: When pure speculation based on a fake news story in tabloid magazines becomes a news story.



Yes. And? Like Littlegezzy and others said, noone would really give two hoots.

Besides, Nine have lost the Melbourne market for 12 years running now. If we’re into conspiracies, Nine probably want to focus on retaining Sydney.


As a network, I am not sure, but Nine News dominates in Melbourne and has been number 1 for about 6-7 years now. As for Today, they used to dominate in Melbourne when they had Lisa. Adam Boland spoke about it in his auto-biography (one of the main reasons he had Nuala Hafner in Melbourne for Wake Up). According to this article, Today was number 1 in Melbourne from 2008 to 2012- definitely- and as far as I know, were number 1 there until late last year.


CONFIRMED: New Executive Producer for Today in 2019!!!


Breen? :smile:


It’s a bit telling that he doesn’t known if his future is with 9 or elsewhere in 2019.


Some say quit; others say sacked.


So whose next in line? Alex Thornton?


Nope. Expect a stronger focus on current affairs :wink:


What am I missing?


The hint?


Yeah. I don’t get it?

Never mind


Steve Burling, EP of ACA?


The EP from A Current Affair?


Could they entice Tom Malone back? Adam Bowland?


Adam has been there and done that… twice… I don’t think he’ll make it a hat trick.

Tom has the dream job. Why would he trade sport for Today?

When is Michael Pell off contract? I don’t think he’d do it either.

What I want to know is what is the real reason for the departure… the public utterances refer to the relentless workload etc… so we know that’s not true.