Ahead of the 40th anniversary special airing this Sunday, Liz Hayes and George Negus appeared on the Today Show this morning. Also interesting to note, Liz and George being two of Karl and Georgie’s predecessors.


Brenton Ragless filling-in for Karl from Monday for the next three weeks


You have got to be joking.


Who would you prefer?


Like to host: Deb Knight, David Campbell, Tim Davies, Charles Croucher, Stevie Jacobs

Prefer: Tony Jones, Ross Greenwood, Ben Fordham, Tim Gilbert, Camerin Williams.


Apart from David Campbell…what a dire list.


Brenton and Georgie or Sylvia?


I think it’s great for Brenton to be able to host. He has shown previously that he is quite capable, having presented over last summer. He may also help to connect to viewers in SA which could also help to boost viewership for the local 6pm news in Adelaide.

And just slightly off topic, he is definitely an asset to Nine having once been the weather presenter in Adelaide (replacing the talented Keith Martyn) and upon NEC gaining control of the station, he was bumped up to the presenters chair. So somebody has seen his potential. And I’d daresay, the bigger bosses back east have also taken note.


Probably why talk of Karl leaving Today has always been taken with a grain of salt, there’s no one waiting in the wings to take over.

Look at Sunrise’s succession planning,Sam Armytage got the job when Mel Doyle left but it could have easily been Natalie Barr or Kylie Gillies. If Koch was to leave, there’s Basil, AOK could easily come back into the fold, Larry Emdur as well someone like Mark Beretta.

Today hasn’t planned nearly as well and often their on air line up appears like a mish-mash.

The fact Ragless is being given a three week stint indicates they seem to still have no certainty over Karl’s natural successor.


Great analysis. Sunrise always seems to have a team of superior backups, whereas Today always seems to be fronted by a bunch of randoms for fill-in (some are good, some not so). If presenters are a main reason for viewers tuning in then Sunrise have definitely hit the right notes (especially when fill-ins present).



Brenton has shown that he is a very bland news anchor, let alone a presenter at breakfast. He seems to have little personality or opinions and is not controversial enough to generate headlines for the show. Perhaps his best trait is that is his affable/nice?

When Today’s ratings are dire, they REALLY need to look beyond a little cross-promotion for Adelaide’s 6pm News. Even the suggestion that by having Brenton on MIGHT boost their Adelaide audience is ridiculous. Melbourne and Sydney are (should be) of their concern at the moment and getting a wooden and unfamiliar personality is not advisable and those viewers will only join the drones switching over to Sunrise and News Breakfast.

Perhaps that accentuates how bad of a choice Brenton is… You don’t like Deb Knight?

As was evident when Lisa quit. They had no idea what to do; Deb Knight had never co-hosted alongside Karl before.

Sunrise, as you say, do it so well and it even appears that Nat will take over from Koch in the coming years. Moreover, the way they organise their team’s annual leave is done with such precision that it ensures viewers are left with some familiar faces.


She’s perfectly suited to newsreader but I’d rather her than Sylvia.


Allison is back hosting with Peter with Mark Burrows reading news and Alice Monfries presenting the weather this weekend.


This may interest some of you…


The Christmas break allows the TODAY family including Georgie Gardner, Sylvia Jefferys, Tim Gilbert and Richard Wilkins to travel to Mexico where they will attend Karl’s wedding to his new love, Jasmine Yarbrough;

I find this interesting. Something you would never see mentioned in the DailyFail, for obvious reasons.


All I got from that is that all of their team will be away for 1-2 weeks! :roll_eyes:


Wouldn’t it be interesting if the team led by Brenton and Deb achieve higher ratings than Karl/ Georgie/ Sylvia/ Tim. Could be a perfect opportunity to test for a complete revamp of the show.


No. I know it is the end of the rating seasons, but that should not mean everyone gets to go on a 2 month (hyperbole) break. They have the potential of attracting newer audiences, especially with their summer of Tennis, who will not return if they continue to produce a second-rate show over summer every year.

IF they like the team, and discover that they are not permanent, they will switch back at the start of the ratings year.

What Today needed to do is split Karl and Georgie’s leave, just as Sunrise have done for almost 10 years, so that people know that is who is hosting Today ( seems they are trying to deceive them actually ATM). The show needs consistency and familiarity and a commitment from the network that Georgie and Karl are here to stay. @David You are going to say that this won’t work, but Seven News Brisbane is an apt example and now they are number 1.

Haha. You would be lucky to see any changes when they return in late January, let alone in December!


I didn’t say anything about making changes in December?

I meant that if this summer team is successful that they would have an option if the future of a change of team knowing that they have people to replace the current bunch that viewers like.


You know it won’t happen, right? Lara and Brenton have both filled in last year (the latter never filled-in for Karl all year. It seems he is the only one they can get for summer). Deb Knight was hosting for three months, yet they gave the position to Georgie.

I thought you were talking about set/graphics. Sorry.